Open when you’re happy… #Openwhen #loveletters


I love you. I love seeing you smile and those dimples you get in your cheeks. So if you’re really happy and smiling like a maniac, I want you to go find me. Put this letter down, go find me and tell me all about it. Let’s celebrate whatever it is that’s making you happy together.


Let’s get some beer and drink them down, guzzling at least two each. Let’s turn off the television, laugh and talk and get to know each other all over again. Let’s go out to a nice meal dedicated solely to each other and celebrating whatever it is making you oh so happy.


I want to take the time to spend celebrating. It’s important. It’s crucial to remember and uplift the times are good so the bad times don’t seem so terrible. I love you, so much more than you can probably ever imagine, and I want to make this work. I want to make celebrations the majority of what we remember when we look back on our marriage. I want the happy times to severely outweigh the sad and desolate. I want us not to remember fighting but to remember celebrate.


So find me wherever I am, and let me in on the good news. Share with me what you’re feeling and help me to feel it too. Let’s bask in the happiness and let it last as long as it can. These are the moments I want to remember, the ones I want to carry with me through the rest of my life.
These are the moments that make our relationship and that make our love.

Tell me what you think. I wanna know!

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