Open when you’re mad at me

I know I’m going to piss you off at some point. God knows I have before, so I definitely will again. I’m hard headed, stubborn, but most importantly, when I knows I piss you off the most is when I’m scared.


So ask me if I’m scared, and when I initially say no, let it sink it and ask again a bit later. My fear puts up defenses that make me push you away. My fear is what causes us to argue the most. And I’m not good that letting people see my fears, even you.


When you’re mad at me, remember that I do love you. I wouldn’t have joined in the venture of marriage for anyone but you. It’s not going to be easy. We are both really, really stubborn, and not to outdo you, but I’m probably the more stubborn of the two of us.


When you’re mad at me, take some time to figure yourself out. And then confront me. Do it gently without anger in your voice and my defenses will be lowered. Do it with kindness in your words and an open mind for what I might say.


It’s mostly the little things that anger me, so if I’m mad at you, which is thus causing you to be mad at me, then be patient. I know it’s a virtue for both of us ( that’s sarcasm if you couldn’t read that in there), but do try to be patient with me.
And remember, lastly, when you’re angry with me, I do love you, and I wouldn’t want to be married or on this spectacular journey with anyone else.


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