Open when you need to know I’m there for you

I know you’re having a rough time. You always show it in your shoulders. You tense up and don’t move as smoothly as normal. You walk stiffly and don’t talk much. That’s another tell-tale sign. You not talking because you constantly talk to me. You try to seclude yourself, and I’ll let you have some time. But just know, I’m always here.

I’m waiting and listening and biding my time until you’re ready for me. Until you’re ready for me to crawl into the bed with you and wrap my arms around you. Until you’re ready for me to kiss you to make all your fears, worries and doubts go away. I’m always going to be there for you, whether or not I’m in the room.

I’m a text message, a phone call, a Facebook message away.

I’m a breath, a look, a word away.

I’ll do anything you want, anything you need to make you feel better. I’ll do anything necessary to be with even if it means flying across the world. Nothing is beyond the limits.

I’ll hold your hand, I’ll walk with your through life, the thick and thin, I’ll be there with you throughout it all. The good and the bad. I want to be beside you as we go through the ups and downs, as we celebrate our joys and experience our sorrows.

When you need to know I’m there for you, just pick up your phone or look across the room. I’ll be right there.

Tell me what you think. I wanna know!

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