WIPpeting and ROW80ing #WIPpet #ROW80

First, let me apologize to my WIPpeteers for not making it to anyone’s post last week. So NOT my norm.

Second, let me apologize to my ROW80ers for not posting on Sunday.

Now…this is probably going to be my last WIPpet for a couple weeks, because well, I’m getting married. Eeeek! So. I’ll be doing things (pun intended). T – 10 days.

Also, talk about everything happening at once, I have a release coming out on the 1st! *squeal* it’s the last book in the James Matthews series, assuming I never write the last one in my head that won’t come about for years. Ashes Fall is ends with a bang! I’ll post up links on Monday!

For my ROW80 update first.

1. Lovely, Dark, and Deep short story needs to be written by Aug 31st. 2k words a week. — I’m wavering on this. No time to write a whole new story, but I have one I can modify…it’s tempting to do that. I’ll know by tonight if I’ll be participating or not.

2. Post-Apocalyptic/Zombie short story needs to be written by Sept 27th. 2k words a week. — see my WIPpet!

3. Editing Fallen from Grace. 3 chapters a week.DONE!! I did this in a week. I wanted it done before the wedding.


Since my WIPpet didn’t go well last week…like at all…I’m switching it up. I will be writing this stupid post-apocalyptic story I’ve been avoiding. So I’m going to write for 5 minutes (2-7=5) the beginning of it. So…here we go.

It was hidden away in the dirt, covered with the grainy sand that never disappeared. The wind picked up and blew across the ground, exposing the white keys to the sun’s force. More sand flitted away, covering and the leaving the white keys cemented into the molded wood.

She touched it with her toe, upending one half of it until it broke. Bending down low, Tatyana ran two fingers over the ivory and pushed down until she could almost hear the sound in her head. She imagined it rang clear through the heavy wind picking up in the Dust Bowl. Raising her ring finger, she moved her hand and pressed down on the small black key right next to the white one. A half-step. Doo, doo, she hummed, her voice disappearing on the breeze. Back up with her pinky, she continued the tune in her head as her fingers left the broken piano keyboard.

Standing up straight and with a jerk, she looked down at the offending item. The first musical instrument she had come across since she was just a child, a child with her parents. Tatyana didn’t have to wipe away tears at the memories because none came. She no longer had tears for anything. Taking in a deep breath, she kicked the dark sand over the keyboard and stomped off.

She made it to the edge of the cliff before she turned back around and bent over the keyboard. The ivory could be good for trade. Swallowing, she reached down and pried off each key left. She pocketed them one by one, counting in her head until she reached twenty-three. She wouldn’t have been able to play the song she wanted even if she could.

Scoffing, Tatyana turned back and left the rotting wood on the ground. It’s use was limited and would only be good for a fire, something she avoided at all costs.

37 thoughts on “WIPpeting and ROW80ing #WIPpet #ROW80

  1. Beautifully written Adrian. I love the imagery you use of the piano hidden in the sand and the feelings that seeing it there evoke in Tatyana. I’m intrigued by it too, who is this mysterious Tatyana and what’s the significance of the piano that she’s prising apart? Great excerpt! :)

  2. Ooh! I’m curious about why she doesn’t want to start a fire. So fascinating. I agree with Elaine, the descriptions are captivating.

  3. Oh there’s something very intriguing here. If you hadn’t mentioned that it was post-apocalyptic in the paragraph before your extract I still would have been able to tell from the Tatyana’s thoughts. It’s definitely showing not telling and fantastic writing there.
    I look forward to hearing more about how the story goes.

  4. Wedding!!! May your special day be free from any major hitches. Don’t forget to sleep the night before. I really, really don’t recommend getting married on three hours of sleep.

    I like this so far. The piano is brilliant. You’ve already shown so much of what we need to know. I’m very curious. It’s almost always man’s best friend in post-apocalyptics.

  5. I admit, I was slow on the pick-up of the piano until you told us that’s what it was. In my head key went right to old, skeleton door key. But overall, bravo! Great start for just sitting down and letting the words comes. I love what you’ve got set up and curious as to why she avoids fire.

    Congratulations on the upcoming nuptials. Remember, it’s your day so have it your way! Revel in the moment. Enjoy. And breathe. That’s important as well. ;)

  6. What? You wrote all that in just 5 minutes? I’m hella jealous! Many, many times that’s my whole day’s word count! Which is probably something I should be ashamed of. *hangs head*

    Anyhow, beautifully done! I’m intrigued, especially about how she has no tears left.

    And yay for the upcoming nuptials! Congrats!!

  7. You gave us so much about the reality Tatyana is living in. I hope it all comes together this well – this is brilliant, and I love it when freewritng comes pouring out that way – it’s almost always a vivid piece full of imagery.

    As for weddings, ditto ReGi and Kathi’s advice. And mine?

    Under no circumstances decide to wing the wedding night plans on the busiest weekend of the local tourist season…really. If the choices are your younger brother’s former bunk beds, or NOT sleeping by a lake in a car filled with hungry mosquitoes… maybe throw the bunk bed mattresses on the floor…

    I might be speaking from experience, too… =)

  8. Congrats on the upcoming wedding — enjoy every moment! As for the snippet, I’m ready for more. Love the imagery of the music that ties those mysterious keys left in the sand to Tatyana.

  9. There’s something about abandoned musical instruments that always makes me feel sad. I love the melancholy of this scene, and Tatyana being so practical about it exemplifies that.

    Congrats on your wedding! I hope it all goes smoothly! :D

  10. Tayana, I love that name. I could picture the scene very clear in my head, I only wish I could hear the tune she was humming. This made me think “This would be a cool music video piece.” I loved this!

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