A New WIPpet! #WIPpetWednesday and #ROW80 update

Well…I finished my novel! Yay! So that means I’m editing it, so still technically a WIP, but I’m going to start posting from Emma again. I finally have a title for it, not sure if I ever shared that. This novel has about 34,000 words written and I think it’ll end up being around 90,000 for the whole novel. It’s a third done and my goal is to finish it BEFORE NaNoWriMo. I want to write Grace through Redemption for NaNo. But I’m getting married in a few weeks, so I’m not quite sure how that’s going to work out.

Anyway, I’m going to do ROW80 update first.

1. Lovely, Dark, and Deep short story needs to be written by Aug 31st. 2k words a week.

2. Post-Apocalyptic/Zombie short story needs to be written by Sept 27th. 2k words a week.

3. Editing Fallen from Grace. 3 chapters a week.

I haven’t done anything except the third goal. I did finish my three chapters this week. I’m thinking I need to up it so I can finish editing before I get married. I think I’ll keep this as the goal and try to do extra! =P


For WIPpet.

I do not in anyway remember what I posted from this previously. So here’s a snippet from chapter 13, which is the last completely written chapter. 6 short paragraphs after some shit went down =P Molly and Emma are talking it out. (Yes, I’m aware Emma is called Caroline. I think that’ll be confusing until people read the whole novel. She’s lying about her identity, so when from Molly’s POV, Emma is referred to as Caroline.) My math is easy this week 20 (for the day) – (14 for the year) = 6.

The title of the series is Quarter Life, and the title of this book is Unbound. =D

Molly waited patiently until Caroline was calmed down enough to start talking again. Amachon was still nowhere to be seen, and she knew he would not return until she was done or until Joel woke up. Sliding a stool over so that she could sit, Molly waited a few more seconds before asking Caroline to continue.

“After that?” Caroline said. “I don’t really remember exactly. Chloroform—I remember the smell. Then I kind of woke up a little bit and realized we’d been drugged. Everything was so slow. And dark.”

“What happened?”


Molly remained silent as did Caroline. There was little need for an explanation as to why. Molly had essentially stolen for Kirill in his mind and thus he would steal from her. That was explanation enough for him. If she hadn’t done it, hadn’t allowed Jelena and her sons into her home and offered to hide them, Caroline would not have been put in danger.

It was one thing for Joel to be put in danger; he was her employee and knew the circumstances surrounding her work. Caroline was there by default of being too close to the situation in general. None of this should have happened to Caroline, and it was entirely Molly’s fault.

27 thoughts on “A New WIPpet! #WIPpetWednesday and #ROW80 update

  1. “Molly had essentially stolen for Kirill in his mind and thus he would steal from her.”

    Should that be “from Kirill”? That’s the only sentence I found confusing. :)

    Congratulations on finding a title. I hate that part!

    • Probably. I don’t edit anything until I finish writing because I won’t finish writing then. =P

      Thanks! I usually don’t have that hard a time figuring out titles. This one did take me forever though.

  2. Ha! I can’t title anything properly until I’m pretty far into it. I’m *still* changing chapter titles on my new one. :P

    Well, now I want to know how someone steals from another person “in their mind.” That’s intriguing.

  3. This is a really confusing excerpt for me Adrian. I feel I’m reading it out of context which I suppose is what we’re all doing in WIPpet Wednesday! Maybe I’m not paying attention. =P

    It is good though – there an ominous atmosphere to it. What’s happened to Caroline/Emma? And how is Molly involved? I’m intrigued. :)

  4. First: congrats on finishing the book.
    Second: Double congrats on getting married

    Third… Oh! With all that awesome news I’m supposed pay attention to a WIPpet too? Well, truth be told, I feel like a lot of the backstory in it should have been elsewhere. I’m not getting a strong sense of the characters in “this place and time” because there’s so much of the past being dealt with

  5. Congrats on getting the book done! And the upcoming nuptials!

    I too thought there was something supernatural going on here until I read the comments. :) Nonetheless. nice ominous tone in this snippet.

  6. I made a poor choice of WIPpet once, and shocked most of the WIPpeteers with T’Pol’s passion…LOL!

    I’m confused, too, but I like what I see here. I want to know why the chloroform, why Kirill’s family ran away, why Emma has assumed an identity, and why Molly thinks she’s responsible…

    But I’m willing to wait to find out – say till after the honeymoon (because I’m a sucker for love!).

    In my case, I went back to the beginning, and introduced T’Pol a little differently, which led up -weeks later – to people having a much easier time accepting that she could be Vulcan AND attracted to Trip strongly enough to act on it…

    I’m honestly impressed that you’re able to think about anything beyond the move, the new job, and the wedding! Oh, and that finished draft – WAHOO!!!!!

      • I’m sorry that you don’t. When we first got married, ours was two whilrwind days – and then a cross country flight and a drive across the desert from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon…tense, stressful…

        But three months later, when our work season ended, we took the scenic route (literally, for part of the way, since we traveled Old Route 66) from the Canyon to Jim’s folks in the Willamette Valley…we went to Lake Havasu, Joshua Tree, Sequoia and the Redwoods, San Francisco,then Highway 101 up the coast to Florence, OR…we took about 10 days, camped out of our truck most of the way, and had a delightful trip.

        I wish you both something like in your not too distant future! =D

      • I’m thinking it’ll be next Sept before we can have a proper honeymoon. I don’t get any time off work my first year here. Unfortunately.

  7. Just getting around to some more of the WIPpeteers. It was a rather…lost weekend.

    I scrolled back through the comments and see Kate grabbed the sentence I was going to point out. That’s what I get for coming late to the party. It’s a rather ominous set-up though, and leaves me wondering lots of things. Which is good, because as we know, that makes me want to keep reading. :)

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