Waiting on the times… a #ROW80 update

It’s been a very busy week and very busy weekend for me. I work Sunday mornings, so my weekends are Friday and Saturday. Friday we launched a new LGBT et al blog I’m a part of as admin. We had an all day event going on from giveaways galore to takeovers galore on our Facebook page. It went fantastically but was utterly exhausting for me. If you want to check out the blog, here’s the link to the blog itself and to our Facebook page.

In the middle of that event, about 9am, I got a call someone had passed away. So I raced over to meet with the family for about an hour. And then later that evening, during my own personal takeover, I raced to the funeral home to discuss funeral arrangements with the family. By 9pm, my brain was fried. I made it through the launch event though. I can’t wait for our one year event. I’ll have to plan it to be even bigger than this one!

But that’s the reason I didn’t get a lot done on my goals. I had planned to edit at least during the off times when I was just waiting around, but my mind was racing with what was going on. I couldn’t concentrate on anything.

Yesterday, the same thing happened. I got up, I was getting ready to work, people came over to work on my house (it’s in the middle of a remodel), and I get a call that someone has died. Someone else. So I tried to meet with the family, but never got a hold of them. So I painted my house all day instead (we got all the rooms done except one and the none of the trim). I called the family again later that night and still didn’t get a hold of them. So I prepped for my Sunday morning work–which I hadn’t done at all yet–and I prepped for the funeral of the first person on Monday.

Needless to say, I feel like I’ve been running around with my head cut off. I had no weekend whatsoever. Hopefully I’ll get an actual weekend next week. Friday couldn’t get here soon enough!

here are my new revised goals

1. Lovely, Dark, and Deep short story needs to be written by Aug 31st. 2k words a week. — still debating on what to do for this, and yes, I realize my time is running out. If I use the short story and it gets accepted, I can’t turn it into a novel like I want to. So… to create a whole new 10k word story or add 4k words to a story already written?

2. Post-Apocalyptic/Zombie short story needs to be written by Sept 27th. 2k words a week. — I was supposed to participate in a writing group yesterday in order to work on this, but that didn’t happen because of the above. Maybe Tuesday or Wednesday I’ll get some written on this.

3. Editing Fallen from Grace. 3 chapters a week.– I’ve edited most of the way through chapter 2. There are two paragraphs left to go. I’ll probably accomplish this Tuesday.

toodles! I’m off to my Sunday morning job!

4 thoughts on “Waiting on the times… a #ROW80 update

  1. Best of luck! I’m sorry to hear of two deaths in your circle in so many days. That must be hard! You take care of what needs taken care of, and then work on your goals after.

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