A brand new WIPpet for a …. month that’s just ending?

I’ve actually be doing some writing lately! It’s been so nice to be writing and NOT editing. w00t! However, I’m still not writing on what I should be writing, which is Fallen from Grace. I’ll take that on as soon as I finish either this current short or…maybe two more. Ashes Fall is officially with the publisher, and I’m hoping I’m not sent another round of edits.

I’ve also stepped out of my comfort zone with a short story I co-wrote last week and started editing this week. It’s tentacle erotica. And my fiance informs me that this is actually a thing, it’s called Hentai, and I’m finding through talking about it that A LOT of people actually read/watch Hentai. Go figure! It’s a short story to be submitted and hopefully accepts into an anthology.

The second short story currently in process is a scifi lesbian piece that’s supposed to be non-erotica, but oh my gosh, all the opportunities are there to make it erotic! I’m resisting though. This one is also to be submitted to an anthology, but this submission is due July 5! Eek! I’ll need some beta readers for it, so if anyone is interested, please let me know!

The WIPpet today is from this scifi lesbian short story. My math is very simple, 6 paragraphs for the month of June. You’ll get the first six paragraphs in the either piece. It’s also completely unedited, so I apologize. The main character’s name is subject to change, but the current name is helping me envision her.

Her bare feet pounded against the packed, dry dirt as she raced through the woods. Trees snagged in her hair, pulling out the dark, brown strands as she dared not stop to untangle it. Laila breathed heavily, fogging up the goggles situated over her eyes. Reaching up, she wiped it off to see better and cleared her vision just in time to see the tree branch swinging in her direction.

Laila ducked down, the branch brushing against the top of her head and getting caught in her nappy hair. She gasped as she pushed up from the dirt and stumbled as she pushed forward. Her heart ratcheted in her throat as she continued forward, not daring to look back.

She pressed her palm to the tree when the ground beneath her tilted. Her head spun and her body lost its balance, knocking her over onto her butt. Pulling herself up to lean against the base of the tree, Laila gasped for breath as she pressed a hand to her ribcage. Pain swelled in her chest as she desperately begged for air to enter her lungs.

Loud bangs echoed through the woods, crashes as what was chasing her edged closer. Laila scrunched her nose and forced her sore and aching body to move. She stood up and leaned against the tree base, pushing onward. Risking a glance back, Laila’s goggles confirmed what she could not see by naked eye.

Green lines formed the enemy, following its line of movement as it continued in her direction. Red flashed in the corner to let her know the proximity was too close. Had she had time, Laila would have uttered a snarky comment. Instead, she stepped over a wayward tree root, her heel hitting the back of it and scraping the skin off. She winced and cried out but kept moving even as the blood trickled onto the ground.

She would have to make it stop bleeding if she really wanted to get away—it was just another trail for the monstrosity to follow. Laila looked forward, her goggles creating a path for her to take so she could get away more quickly. With her hand still at her side, Laila pushed onward through the tall trees.

Now that I’ve rambled on enough and given you an excerpt! Please join in! If you would like to join in WIPpet Wednesdays, it’s simple and open to all. Just post an excerpt from your current WIP (Work In Progress) and have it in some way correlate with the date or be the start of a new piece. Then link it up here, go and read the other posts, comment and voila! Fin!

Merci a K. L Schwengel!

I’m well aware my French sucks. =P

25 thoughts on “A brand new WIPpet for a …. month that’s just ending?

  1. Oh, I’ve heard of tentacle porn! *g* I can’t imagine ever trying to write it, though, so kudos to you. :)

    Nice tense snippet! I’m afraid I can’t volunteer to beta read, though — I’m of to England next week.

  2. Great excerpt Adrian and so exciting! I feel sorry for Laila – I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes right now. :) BTW what is ‘nappy hair’? Over here in the UK a ‘nappy’ is the word we use for diaper!!

  3. Very nice excerpt – good action!

    I would also offer to beta read but I am also going to England in a week and am so busy that I really can’t take on anything else :( Maybe next time! :)

  4. I want to go to England too now…. (dang!)

    Hentai…. naughty tentacles…. oh my! I can only imagine how funny it must be to write. Some of it is too hilarious to even imagine. Though, I imagine Laila doesn’t quite see it that way. :-/

  5. Exciting scene. :-) Very suspenseful. It sounds like she’s been running a long time, maybe long enough for the adrenalin to start ebbing. I hope she gets away.

  6. I think I first came across tentacle porn in Star Trek fandom, though I can’t say I’ve read very much. Not much tends to surprise me in the land of fiction anymore, though. :D

    Great tension in the WIPpet. I like an opening to throw me right into the action.

  7. Tentacle porn…I can’t even…I think my brain just did some sort of frizzle-pop thing. O_o

    Great excerpt. Very tense. Has me wanting to know what is chasing her and why.

  8. Now, I really, really wanna know more about tentacle porn, because I don’t have enough with CampNaNo, the Trip/T’Pol fanfic archives at House of Tucker, and *those two* inserting new scenes into my dreams – no lie!

    But – tentacle porn! The imagination is going wild….I gotta know!

    You pulled me right into this story… and if you hadn’t mentioned tentacle porn, I’d maybe have more to say about Laila and her predicament…

    If I weren’t already late with the novel I’m beta-ing, I would have happily taken this one on….

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