WIPpet Wednesday! June 11, 2014

Hey all! Sorry I wasn’t hear last week. I was still catching up with this after being out of town for a weekend and in my last week of work at Job 1. Now I just have Job 2, Job 3 (editing), and Job 4 (writing) to worry about, which means! yes, which means! That I should be able to finally focus more on editing and writing. Yay!

I’m still not ready to make my announcement. I’d hoped I was, but I’m not. There’s been some issues with it that need to be resolved and so I’m stuck in yet another waiting period that can easily last two weeks. This is a personal announcement, not a book announcement. However, I am pushing my luck on the timeline with the books stuff too. I think I need to start staying up really late and getting up really early to get this all done.

Anyway, back on topic! I decided to give you all another excerpt from Fallen from Grace, the second book in the Spirit of Grace Series. This follows my new released book, which apparently is selling like hotcakes! w00t! This also follows immediately the clown at McDonalds that I gave you all awhile back. If you forgot it, you can go HERE to read the excerpt.

If you would like to participate in WIPpet Wednesday, all you have to do is create a blog post with an excerpt from your current WIP (Work In Progress). The excerpt should in some way correlate with the date. Then you go to this awesome linky here and link your post up with all the others. It’s just that simple. Oh! And it’d be nice if you visited other posts as well and commented.

So here we go to my post. You get 7 short paragraphs today. 6 for the month and 1 for good luck since it’s my birthday month. I almost posted the end part with Grace and this character…but this part is so much fun! Yet…so is the end part. Anyway…here you go.

She pulled into the parking lot and looked around for the suspect and saw no one. Instead, she saw a group of kids standing on the sidewalk across the road, staring at something. Grace parked the cruiser and got out, shuffling over to the kids. She cocked her head at them and wondered why they were out of school before she turned to look in their direction.

Sure enough, a man in bright red pants, a blue polka-dotted shirt, a rainbow afro wig and shoes at least twenty-sizes too large was running down the street with a crowbar in his right hand. Grace sighed and shook her head, taking a second look at the suspect.

She bit her lip and glanced at the kids before starting to run after the runaway clown. Grace’s boots pounded on the sidewalk as she started to catch up with the obviously inbred idiot who tried to break into a car in the middle of the daylight in a busy parking lot in a clown costume. She huffed as she sped up to catch him more quickly.

Children and parents were lining the sidewalk at the commotion. Grace had the fleeting thought that someone had sent out a mass text to everyone on the block, telling them to come out and catch a good show. She drew in a sharp breath and shook the thought as she caught up with the suspect. She was amazed at how fast the inbred idiot could run in his shoes, and the fact that he didn’t trip in them. Had that been her, it would have been no contest.

Grace widened her arms and lunged at the inbred idiot, smashing into his back and tackling him to the ground. A whoosh of air escaped her lungs as they crashed down onto the ground and his giant shoe pushed up into her chest. She coughed as the moment settled in. The clown didn’t resist at first, and Grace was worried she had somehow managed to knock him unconscious.

She lifted her body gently and started to put cuffs over his wrists. She had one locked in place when the sound caught her ears. Grace looked over her shoulder, as the inbred didn’t seem to be moving, and saw the street lined with children who were booing her. Her heart was pounding hard from the chase, but her cheeks flamed red as she realized why exactly they were booing her.

She had tackled a clown. She had chased him down the street, two and a half blocks, and did a running tackle into his back, landing on top of him and arresting him. She could tell the kids did not want her to arrest the clown by their booing and shouting. Grace licked her lips and looked down at her hand still circling the inbred’s other hand. She had to do it—the idiot had broken into a car in broad daylight.

20 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday! June 11, 2014

  1. Omg. Hahahaha! I seriously hate clowns, but I think it would be equally traumatic to see one arrested. That’s hysterical. Poor Grace has bad luck with children’s entertainment, no?

  2. Now, see, as a kid, I would’ve been cheering Grace on as soon as i saw her tackle the creep. *shudders* Ugh, clowns! Grace just has the wrong group of kids around.

    Only one major nit here… The way Grace keeps calling the guy an “inbred idiot”. It felt overdone. Though I imagine that’s some of the character development there.

    • This is a completely unedited draft. She drops the idiot later and only calls him inbred. What’s interesting is what she finds out about him when they get down to the jail

      • Now you’re giving away secrets… ;-)

        (didn’t know about draft status or not… just figured I’d note it in case you were in the flow and hadn’t noticed)

      • I hadn’t but I don’t do any edits until a piece is done because I start to think my piece is horrible and then never finish it. I have to trick my own mind and self deprivating behavior

        No secrets. =P I almost posted it today but realized this middle part was missing and it was too good to pass up. This is actually a true story of something that happened to someone I know

    • Right?!? I wish someone had but it was before camera phones were around that it happened IRL. maybe I should add in that nugget into this story. Hmmmmm…. =P

  3. I don’t know if I would have booed if I had seen this when I was a kid. I might have laughed. I might have been shocked, but I think I would’ve understood that the clown did something wrong because cops don’t tackle people for no reason. However, kids these days aren’t really the brightest sometimes…

    I only have one minor critique, Grace’s use of inbred idiot gets a little redundant after awhile. Isn’t there something else she could use to describe him?

    Other than that – very fun and silly scene!

    • She switches to just inbred later on. I haven’t edited this piece at all. I don’t edit until I’m done writing but it’s definitely something I’ll check on.


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