Holla! It’s WIPpet Wednesday!

Hey all! It’s a crazy busy time of life for me right now. I’ll share more next week (hopefully). I’m still not ready to give out that part of the news yet. However, I’m leaving this weekend for a mini-trip that might be a make it or break it trip (again, more later), so that means getting to WIPpeteers this week is going to be difficult. I’m going to do something I hate doing. I’m only going to go to your blog if you go to mine first. *hides* I also probably won’t get to your posts until Tuesday of next week, so if I don’t show up right away, that’s why.

Now, onto WIPpeteering!

Today you get the opening of “Flirtatious Jive” another Amya short that I’m sort of working on. This would be the first in the series of shorts and happens close to the beginning of the book. You get 5 sentences for the month of May.

She’d kissed her on a whim. Amya’s heart had beaten so fast and her head spun from the alcohol. Everything in the moment was set and perfect. They had been at the bar, listening to a band that would never make it, and Amya couldn’t stop thinking about it. She had to do it. Three beers down, in each of them, and she was feeling really good.

And there it is folks! Don’t forget the Sunday is the release of For by Grace! The book that all these awesome little shorts are based off. =P I’m so excited for this release. Got a party going on that Monday and everything. It’s so crazy exciting!!

If you would like to join in WIPpeteering, feel free. Just post an excerpt of your current WIP (work in progress) that somehow correlates to the date. Then all you gotta do is link it up with the rest!

18 thoughts on “Holla! It’s WIPpet Wednesday!

  1. This is my favorite line: “listening to a band that would never make it.” What a great description. Also, I’m really warming to Amya. I didn’t feel like we got to know her well, just glimpses through Grace, so this is really cool. :)

  2. Oh, the alcohol. Such bad memories. As soon as someone lifts that third drink to their lips, I get nervous. *shudder*

    I understand the need to pare down blog visiting. I only visited folks who visited me last week. Sometimes, real life is just too busy to worry about virtual matters.

  3. I like the same line you and and Amy do. I’ve seen that happen so many times.

    Didn’t like the last line for some reason… It just didn’t work well for me.

    • I actually stole that from a fanfic I wrote years back. =P I think the whole sum of shorts is going to be called “Amya’s Take Out”

  4. I have to agree with everyone else, love that line about the band. I’m a bit pokey about making the rounds this week as well. First I was out of town, then I was immersed in getting CBC to my betas, now I’m playing catch-up on all fronts.

    And waiting to hear this big news of yours…

  5. Echoing love for the “band that would never make it” line. Kisses after three beers tend to lead interesting places. Can’t wait to see more of these!

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