WIPpet Wednesday! May 21, 2014

Hey all!! Life is good, life is easy! I’m skipping straight to the WIPpet today. =P

Continuing on from last week, a bit more of Amya’s adventures in the shower.

My math is simple. This is the 5th month so you get 5 paragraphs. Yay! So here we go.

She wanted to kiss her way up Grace’s neck, something she’d only done a few times. She wanted to work her way back down and tug her shirt—Amya stopped. Her eyelids flew open and she stared down at the tub to where she’d dropped her loofa. She froze the movements of her hand on her body and took in a deep staggering breath.

What was she doing? She sniffled and moved her hand, feeling as she had betrayed herself, Grace, and their relationship. Amya stepped under the hot spray of the water and washed the suds from the pomegranate body wash off. She leaned down and turned the temperature up, heating her skin until it was red and not pink.

Her body still hummed. It betrayed her more and more with each passing second. She wanted to touch herself, wanted to imagine Grace doing those exact things to her body, making her feel high on pleasure. She wanted Grace to be there.

Amya ignored the tears in her eyes, reminding herself they had a date in a few hours. A date that would never result in touching, but at least they’d be together for a while. Amya took a breath and clenched her teeth.

“Screw it,” she said, her voice echoing in the empty room.

And that’s it folks! My life is crazy right now. In a few weeks I might have some more info for you about what’s going on and where I might be headed. Right now I’m just trying to get my summer scheduled and keep those necessary in the loop of chaos that has struck!

If you are available and willing, there’s still time to sign up for S.A. Snow’s Cover reveal on June 14. If not, S. A. will be having a book tour coming up if you really want to get your hands in that pot. Linky for cover reveal here!

Thanks to the awesome KL Schwengel for hosting this thing each week.

22 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday! May 21, 2014

  1. Lovely depiction of Amya’s inner turmoil here Adrian. I’m a bit unclear though why she feels she’s betraying herself, Grace and their relationship? But I guess I’ll find out when I read the finished novel… :)

    • Haha not a novel. Short story. It’s more just that she feels there’s betrayal in fantasizing about her instead of just being with her.

      • It is yeah!! But these are short stories from Amya’s POV. the novels are all in Grace’s POV 100% so we don’t get to know Amya well. These short stories are for me to get to know Amya better

      • Ah right. That’s a really good idea. Maybe I’ll try something similar with my characters. I may need to concoct something especially for next week’s WIPpet Wednesday as I haven’t properly written anything for ages, what with work and editing of ‘Reunion of the Heart’. :)

      • Yeah. I haven’t written anything novel wise in awhile. Too much editing going on. That and job hunting and interviewing.

  2. Grace needs to get herself together—Amya is awesome. I love hearing her “voice.” (Pre)reading FbG, I only got to see her through Grace’s eyes. I want to know her better (and not just in a steamy shower scene!). :)

    • Thanks!! I’m glad you feel like you’re in her head. I’m trying to get into her head because the series is NEVER in her head. =P

  3. :A date that would never result in touching, but at least they’d be together for a while. ” :( I sure hope things get better for her soon. You better be planning to send something nice her way!

  4. Ah…poor Amya. It’s tough to have those kinds of feelings and yet not feel that they will lead anywhere. That is one heck of a shower scene, though.

    Seems the WIPpeteers are all about announcements and impending announcements this week. Excitement abounds!

    • Yeah! It’ll be a few weeks before I announce mine if I do at all. Gotta keep my fingers crossed and prayers with God for this one.

      Her shower scene gets even better

    • Thanks! The turmoil seems to confuse people. I’m trying to work out how to make it less confusing, but I thin it’s just confusing because the high majority of people don’t feel that way.

      • I wouldn’t say that. A lot of people feel that way, they just don’t THINK they feel that way. But the desire to touch someone adored and to share time, even if it “can’t go anywhere” happen all all the time… Especially if there has been hurt on either side.

      • Maybe.. though, a lot of people I know have felt guilty about their feelings toward someone, even people they’ve been deeply involved with. Timing, a freak “bad experience”, feelings after a break-up, etc…

        And it’s a WIPpet. It’s easy to be confused in WIPpets. :-D

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