WIPpet Wednesday May 14, 2014

I was having a really hard time deciding whether or not to post a blurb or an excerpt from a short story I wrote this week. I decided to go with the short story. This story isn’t quite a stand-alone. I’ve had it in my head to write outtakes for For by Grace from Amya’s POV, and well…I wrote one. Now I have about 15 of them in my head and listed out, and I’m going this is gonna be a freakin’ novella! Not cool…My publisher just laughed at me when I told her.

So, I wrote the first one, which is not the first on in order, but it was the one I wanted to write. I titled it Trident, which you’d get if I gave you the whole piece.

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If you don’t know what WIPpet Wednesday is, it’s where a bunch of us writers get together and post excerpts from our WIP (Work in Progress), and then we link them all together and read through them. The only hard fast “rule” is that the excerpt has to correlate with the date in some fantastical way. Today my math is easy. 14 sentences for the 14th of May.

This is the opening to the short.

Amya ran her hands through her hair as she rinsed the conditioner from the long strands. She let the hot water stream down her body, the conditioner running over her legs and down the drain. They had a date that night, one of many that they’d had, but Amya wanted this date to be perfect. Cupping her hands, she filled them with water and ran it over her face.

Grace was gorgeous. Amya hummed as she mentally ran through her partner’s body. Curves that were soft and slender, arms and legs to match. Amya knew Grace worked out on a regular basis, she had to—she was a deputy after all. Amya bit her lip and smiled at the thought. She was dating a cop, which was against regulations and had been off her list in any prospective partner. But there was something about Grace.

Opening her eyes, Amya stared at the green tiles of her shower wall. Heat rushed from her chest to her cheeks and down lower. God—she’d been daydreaming.

If you would like to join, make your own post and head over to KL’s page and link it all up.

22 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday May 14, 2014

  1. So, they started an annual sheriff’s department run. The t-shirts for the first year featured a picture of a skinny, stereotypical bank robber being chased by a very heavy, donut-toting cop. :-P Sharp contrast to Amya’s idea of cops (hence why it popped into my head).

    • Pretty sure in this scenario that Amya’s idea of a cop is Grace and only Grace. Lol. Amya was a cop so she knows they come on all shapes and sizes.

      • Adrian! Great description in this scene, the flow is super natural. Well done!

        It’s funny how characters nag us, wanting to add their POV to the story. I say, keep writing until they stop talking. :)

  2. Very sweet scene, Adrian. I think what I like about it the most is how she remembers that Grace is a cop and that cops weren’t on her dating list.

  3. Hooray! Exactly what I would do, in her situation (if there were no children in the house, and more than one bathroom with bathtub crayon Minecraft art sprawling across all the walls, that is!). Good for Amya; and, later, probably great for Grace! =)

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