Here we go, down the rabbit hole. #wippet Wednesday May 7, 2014

It’s been a busy week for me and an even busier week coming. My cover reveal last Thursday went amazingly well! I’m so excited to actually be able to share the cover with people and not just let it sit on my computer for ages and ages. If you want to see the post, check it out here…if you want to see the cover–look out below! The book will be out June 1, and for all my DFW friends, I’ll be having a release party at Gingerman in Fort Worth. More to come on that later.

This week is graduation week! Yay! So my family and the SO’s family is coming to town. But I’m graduating! I’m done with school! yayayayayayayay!

Now, onto WIPpet. If you don’t know what WIPpet is, stick around. It’s a day of the week where we post a snippet (pet) from our work in progress (WIP). Get it? Good. The lovely KL Schwengel hosts each week. The goal is to somehow correlate your excerpt with the date. As today is May the seventh, you will get 23 words (14 + 7 + 2) from my book Fallen from Grace, the chapter Animaniac.

Once you are done posting your WIPpet, head on over here, link it up with the rest of them, and go on a reading frenzy. Remember, we all love comments on our pages, so give a blog some lovin’.

To set it up a little, Deputy Grace Halling is being sent on a call.

So here’s my WIPpet…


“Go for 337,” Grace responded.


“There is a vehicular break-in in progress at McDonald’s on 39th and Rochester.”


“10-4. ETA three.”


Grace shoved her cruiser into gear and slammed her foot down on the gas. Her sirens rang through the still air as she drove across the sidewalk to the street, jumping the curb to avoid a stunned motorist in the parking lot entryway. She swerved onto the street, two pedestrians jumping back as she made her way onto Montgomery and toward McDonald’s. Dispatch continued as soon as she hit the main road.


“Suspect is wearing bright red pants, a blue polka-dotted shirt and a wig. It is reported that the suspects face is painted white.”


Grace shook her head and would have asked dispatch to repeat the description, but it was so outlandish that it was either completely correct or the caller was playing a hoax. She sped through a light as she hit the button on the mouthpiece pinned to her shoulder. “10-4,” she responded.


24 thoughts on “Here we go, down the rabbit hole. #wippet Wednesday May 7, 2014

  1. Bahahaha! I see you’re sticking with the awesome chapter titles, too. I’m looking forward to finding out if this is real or a crank call. LOL! Also? Clowns = SUPER CREEPY. I hate them.

  2. That was an exciting snippet! The description of the perp made me giggle – then for some reason the vision of IT trying to steal a car popped into my head, which just made the giggling worse!

  3. Those are some BIG words there… and all those spaces. ;-)

    Seriously though, I love how Grace doesn’t just disregard the description, as outlandish as it might seem. And it IS McDonald’s…. if someone had a gripe with the business or wanted to rob the place, dressing like a clown might possibly allow this person to get closer to the safe than not. We didn’t always have “Ronald” at the store for birthday parties…

  4. Okay, clowns freak me out. Can you have her shoot it? *smiles sweetly* Doesn’t need to be fatal. ;)

    Congrats on graduation!!! Good luck with the impending release. I’m kicking myself for missing out on the cover reveal. I’ve got to many projects spinning at once at the moment. Lists. Need. More. Lists.

  5. Congrats on graduation! :D

    I love the description. I think even if she missed half of it, she’d just have to look out for any person in crazy dress and she’ll be pretty close.

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