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That’s what books are usually about, right? They’re meant to evoke emotion or deep thought. Something that may change the way that you think or spark a new idea that, on a small or large scale, changes the world.

But it all boils down to emotion in the end—Something that I’m not even that familiar with, if you didn’t already know.

And yet I’ve got two books published and two more on the way, one of which is the continuation to the #thepaxseries and the other the beginning of a whole new storyline!

I started writing my first series back in 2005 with a prologue that didn’t really make a whole lot of sense, but then it evolved, it evolved from life experiences that brought me and molded me into who I am now.

What I’m trying to do, though, is transform the series into something that is more inclusive of TBLG folks. Like, I’m sure there are plenty of authors out there who have done such, but maybe not on the scale that I’m working with.

My third novel and sequel to “Escape Velocity” is very science fiction and is more like a space opera than anything I’ve ever written. So, of course, there’s a spaceship and a crew—A crew that will be made up mostly of women and a few who are either lesbian, bisexual or even transgender.

The main character himself, Dante Marcellus, will be undergoing a sort of metamorphosis that I know will throw my readers for a loop. The specifics of that, though, will have to be discovered upon reading the book itself… Whenever I decide to give up procrastination and finish the third installment in #thepaxseries.

I imagine that, upon reaching the end of this story, for some of my readers, this will be a very emotional sort of deal, considering it’s the end of half of the series and the storyline of Dante Marcellus.

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MERYL SCARLETT FORTNEY is an American-born, Pennsylvanian independent author and freelance writer.

She was born in Pennsylvania’s capital and lived in many places growing up, ranging from a few handfuls of different areas in her birth state to New Jersey and Florida. To this day she has yet to spend more than three years in one spot.

As a teenager, her original plan was to become an officer of the law, but upon graduation and realization of the “real world” (whatever that is) it became apparent that this would have been what many considered a bad move.

In her earlier years, she was fond of drawing, sketching, doodling and illustration and had originally wanted to create a comic book called “PAX.”

real life

And then the harsh realization hit her, “I absolutely suck at illustration!” So her love for creation took a few years off, until she turned 21, when she wrote the prologue for a story that would never exist, but would eventually bring to fruition the first book in her first series, “PaxCorpus.”


From that point on it’s been nothing more than menial jobs and constant determination to bring these universes to life and it all started with a character named Jack and a bottle of… Jack.


Pax CorpusSome believe extraterrestrials will end life as we know it. Others believe the risen dead will ravage the population and dominate the Earth. And then there are the others that think terrorists will wipe us out.

I say, “why not all three?”

The year is 2020, nearly six years after much of the planet’s population has been wiped out. Through the eyes of a man named Dante Marcellus, you experience the reclamation of memories lost due to unknown reasons.

With the undead and a slew of monstrous aliens (spawned from a rift in Manhattan) walking the desolate planes of the United States of America, the remaining population fights to survive under the protection of a group named PaxCorpus.

But to make things even crazier, the homicidal terrorist movement, ZeroFactor, threatens to murder anyone not affiliated with themselves – a new world order, they say – extinction.

Fighting tooth and nail to get a grasp on the events of his past, Dante unknowingly causes a chain of events that lead to an almost mirror of the events that caused humanities’ situation to begin with.

And with a vulgar, blood-stained kick to the face, everything unwinds right before him, with the barrel of his own weapon aimed between his eyes.

This isn’t about glampires or raging teenage hormones – this is PaxCorpus – the beginning of the end.

You can download PaxCorpus for free at:

Kindle, Smashwords, Google Play, iBooks



Picking up where PaxCorpus left us, Escape Velocity shoves you face-first into the abyss, grabs hold and never lets go.Escape Velocity

Follow Dante, Meryl and a ragtag squad of survivalists, who call themselves, Belligerent Underpaid Tactical Team, from the depths of the devastated state of New Jersey to the bowels of post-apocalyptic Manhattan.

With less than a day’s worth of supplies and their underground shelter lying in ruins, thanks to the terrorist cell, ZeroFactor, there is only one course-of-action–fight tooth and nail, bullet-by-bullet, to the enemy stronghold and Rift of Manhattan–or die trying.

The insanity doesn’t stop there.

Cybernetically modified, former Harrisburg, Pennsylvanian cop, Dante Marcellus, has a new problem. An implant inside of his head, where a bullet had once been, acts as a telepathic network between him and the thought-to-be-dead, Nuhm De’Ara.

Leaving a trail of bodies all the way to New York City, survival is less-than-certain, as their enemy clamps down with violent determination.

And when there isn’t even a glimmer of hope left for who remains, a man once known as Jack Marcellus returns–with vengeance and anger fueled hatred for the only person who could possibly save him from himself.

This time, there will only be one man left standing.

There are things much worse than the bite of a deader and the undead plague.

You can buy Escape Velocity at:

Kindle, Smashwords, Google Play, iBooks


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