Serenity’s Moment

She walked barefoot through the beautiful picturesque forest. The trees were higher than she could see if she strained her neck upward, but she did not. The rough bark against her palm as enough of a reminder that some things were just too big to understand. Serenity slipped around a large trunk, the white and stained bark standing out to her. She made it to the other side and stopped on her path, staring down at the base of the tree.

The roots ran wildly. A smile quirked onto Serenity’s lips as her eyes traced the twisted lines the roots took, spreading out into the forest to intermingle with others, drinking of new life from the deep moist soil underneath her bare feet. Bending down, she ran her finger along a raised root, memorizing the feel of it against her fingers and the shape it took against her skin.

She tried to shuffle forward but slipped and landed hard on her knee. The oof of air rushed from her lungs, lighting up the air around her. As soon as she was on her bottom, Serenity did it again. She held the air in her lungs for a count of five and the huffed it out, watching as the fog quickly dissipated. The air became chill in seconds, and she shuddered, wrapping her arms around her body and rubbing up and down.

Leaning back against the tree truck and staring up into the gray sky, she saw the first flake tumble around the golden and burnt leaves and float toward the ground. Her gaze traced the path it blazed, keeping the small feathery flake in her sights. Serenity reached out, one finger pointed as the snowflake landed.

She turned her hand toward her and stared as it took a moment to melt, disappearing into the darkness of her skin. She pushed back her hair and leaned farther against the tree, pulling up her knees to her chest and watching as more and more snowflakes cascaded down.

Not knowing how long had passed, Serenity looked around and discovered the once brown soil of the forest was covered in white powder. She pushed herself up and started to wander around again, feeling the cold bark against her fingers and the snow melting against her naked toes as she took each step.

She made it back to the first tree she’d touched and tested with the feel of her hands. Trying once more, Serenity stood close to the trunk and ran her fingers along the dense and freezing bark. She memorized the feel before she pushed back and took a step. Her foot caught in a root, and she plummeted to the ground, landing on her head.

Serenity shook her head, blinking her eyes in attempt to clear the pain and fog as she stared at her computer screen. The buzz and busyness of the office swirled around her cubicle dissipating her illusion. Sighing, she started typing, letter after letter appeared on the screen.


This was written for the 28th Creative Buzz Hop! Thank you so much to Tamara and Michelle for hosting this amazing hop each week. If you’d like to join in, the topic for this week is “Serenity.” Of course, you can always do a free creative write and post it as well. As soon as you post your blog, head on over to either Tamara’s or Michelle’s blogs to link it up with every one else’s.


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