Grammar Wednesday: Word Mixups – Peek v Peak v Pique

These are fun ones and are very often misused. I think the easiest way to differentiate is to just write sentences with them.


Peek a boo! I see you!

The peak was over six thousand feet high.

The concept piqued the child’s interest, so they gave the child more to study.

We played peek a boo with each peak as it peeked around the corner; it was just enough to pique the toddlers interest and kept zir attention.

One thought on “Grammar Wednesday: Word Mixups – Peek v Peak v Pique

  1. This makes me think of Stealth Mountain. It’s a Twitter account, and the only thing they do is correct people who type “sneak peak” when they mean “sneak peek” (get it? :D )

    They have 398,000 tweets already. I’d say that makes this a common problem.

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