WIPpet Wednesday! October 2, 2013

I have some exciting news, and yes I’m stealing all of your attention. My novel Forever Burn is a finalist for a Rainbow Award!! I knew the book was up for it, but I honestly never thought it would get this far. I’m so freakin’ happy and feel completely blessed. They announce the winner in Dec, which I doubt I’ll win. I’m just so happy to be a finalist.

Check out all the finalists here.

FinalistSM-1Okay…now that that is out of the way, I’ll share with you my WIPpet for today. Since I’m at school and I might have been slightly hungover this morning, I FORGOT to send stuff for my WIPpet with Emma’s story. So today you’re getting the start of a new novel that I’ll be writing during NaNo. Yes…I will be stopping Emma’s story to write on Grace’s once more. I haven’t touched Grace’s story since April when I finished editing it, but it is due to come out June 1, 2014. Now to write the sequel.

Since it is October the Second, I will write for two minutes to give you the beginning of the novel. Oh, just an FYI, Grace is a Sheriff’s Deputy.

Grace’s feet pounded hard against the asphalt as her belt moved against her hips. She heaved breath after breath as she ran as hard as she could. Squinting her eyes, she tried to see the punk who had ditched his car when she pulled him over.

“Fucker,” she muttered and lowered her head to gain more speed.

They turned the corner and Grace grabbed the radio attached to her shoulder and shouted into it.

“We’re on Canary.”

“10-4. Coming your way,” Toulouse answered.

Grace’s ankle rolled as she stepped on a rock, her thick boot keeping her from completely collapsing. She straightened her back and pushed off her injured foot. She heard the sirens coming and knew Toulouse was close. She had to do it—had to prove to herself and to him that she could.

She huffed and counted to three, getting even closer to the punk. Just as the cruiser turned the corner down the street, Grace launched herself forward with her arms outstretched and grabbed hold of the punk’s left leg. His right foot came up and smacked into her chin just as he started to tumble down to the ground.

“Stop resisting!” Grace shouted. “Stop resisting!”

If you would like to join in, just DO IT!! Write a blog post with your current WIP (Work In Progress). Make it somehow correlate to the date and be as creative with the maths as you want. Then go here and link it up with all the others. Be sure to check out everyone’s!

19 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday! October 2, 2013

  1. Whoo-hooo!!!! *throws confetti and hands champagne bottle to nearby friend to pop cork* What can I say, champagne corks scare me. Congratulations on being a finalist. Very exciting news.

    Love the WIPpet. A great scene with lots going for it. I love that she pushes herself even though she’s twisted an ankle and even more thrilled she gets hold of the punk. Stop resisting? Go ahead, make my day.

    • haha!! this is great. I love Grace a lot. I think she’s one of my favorite characters ever. She’s so stubborn and confident in her work and so completely lost in her personal life (at least for now). =D Glad you liked it.

  2. Congrats on being a finalist!

    And wow, that scene you shared really got the blood pumping. And ouch on the rolled ankle! I’m glad Grace was able to recover from that and still catch the guy!

    • I’m almost sure that even if she had broken her ankle she still would have been running after him. That’s my favorite part about this novel, lots and lots of action scenes!!

      • Absolutely! I had a beginning for the first book in this series (this is the second) let my critique group read it and they went “where’s the real opening! We know you AJ. What is this soft crap?!” Lol

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