God Moments (Creative Buzz Hop)

Sometimes it’s o8837096895_81577a234b_qnly a moment, when the world finally stops spinning, when the toilet finally stops exploding and the pets finally stop chasing each other. A sudden calm and stillness takes over that fills our souls to the brim and wishes us good joy and wealth in these moments. This morning I heard the preceding moments called a plot twist to life. I like to think of the following moments as “God Moments.”

God Moments come and go but will always return. They are there to remind us that we are not alone in the chaos that is this life and that together we can all make this world a much better place. Nothing could have reminded me more strikingly of God Moments than this past week. While I certainly hope for a better week, I also hope that I do no forget or push God Moments to the back of my mind.

The Plot Twists

–          Monday morning at 7am my toilet overflowed and the water could not be shut off without a hammer.

–          Monday late morning I locked myself out of the house

–          Monday late morning my roommate’s tire exploded on his way back from the vet

–          Monday evening the computers crashed while at my writing group, and we had to wait an hour to leave the bar until they had a new solution of how to charge us.

–          Tuesday morning I was given a pop quiz on the reading I hadn’t done due to the previous day’s plot twists

–          Wednesday, on my way home from church, a construction con flew up and hit my front windshield—luckily no damage.

–          Thursday my kitchen sink backed up and was out of commission.

–          Friday a two foot 2×4 flew up from the truck in front of me and smashed into my front windshield, cracking the glass but luckily not shattering it.

–          Saturday I have rained on and sunburned at a football game before using the rest of my energy to help a friend at her art festival, which also was mostly rained out.

–          Sunday I fell asleep and didn’t get any work done…four hour naps are killer sometimes.

The God Moments

–          Monday morning I was able to go to Starbucks for 30 minutes before my supervisory meeting and just drink a Pumpkin Spice Latte and escape into the writing.

–          Monday morning my church loved the trunk or treat box I had made the previous week

–          Monday afternoon, while doing laundry at the Laundromat from the toilet explosion, I was able to write for an hour.

–          Monday evening, my boyfriend came and sat with me at writing group =D

–          Tuesday afternoon and evening, I spent time relaxing and watching Prince of Egypt while eating Chinese takeout.

–          Wednesday I had my first youth group with friends of youth joining and a great discussion on how to make the world more awesome.

–          Thursday I was able to relax and hang out and was given a free washer and dryer.

–          Friday my toilet was finally fixed along with the kitchen sink. I got to help my friend at her arts festival and see her blossom in her artistic abilities.

–          Saturday I watched as the neighboring tent at the arts festival came to help us during our leakage issues in the downpour.

–          Sunday one of my kids joined our church and proclaimed his desire to be baptized.

Each week we are thrown plot twists and each week we are thrown God Moments. Those moments are the light coming to find us when we can no longer see straight because of all the plot twists. Those moments are the ones we need to grasp hold of and hang on tight to because they are the moments that will keep us going for the rest of our lives.


If you would like to join in the creative buzz hop, all you need to do is write a post on coming into the light, or another creative writing piece, and link it up with everyone else’s. Tamara and Michelle do a great job with the prompts each week. Hope to see you there!


I am also still looking for some people to host my blog tour going on in late November. If you are interested, please go here to fill out the form. You’ll be contacted in early November. I need at least three more people!!

4 thoughts on “God Moments (Creative Buzz Hop)

  1. Great post! You’re right, I have had a lot of plot twists throughout last week, and now that you mentioned God moments, I realized all the amazing small things that occurred as well. Good job!

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