WIPpet Wednesday! September 25, 2013

Welcome to WIPpet Wednesday where we all make posts of our current WIP (Work In Progress) associated with the date. We link them up here and then read everyone else’s. Feel free to join in!

This week I’ll continue with Emma’s story…I had a title for it in my head and then I went to sleep and forgot it. I managed to actually get quite a bit of writing done this week, so it makes me happy to have lots of choices for WIPpet today. 13 sentences since it is 2013!

Context is Emma explaining to Molly what she “knows” about the “house” that Molly lives in and runs. This is after said kidnapping when Emma is still all drugged up, and Molly is so taking advantage of that.


It took Caroline a moment to respond. “Yeah?”

“When you first came here, was there a reason?”

“I don’t understand.”

“The first time I met you, when you base jumped off the building into my tree, did you land here on purpose?”

The color that had returned to Caroline’s face disappeared. She squeezed her hands tight and clenched her jaw—all signs of distress that Molly was sure to catalogue.

“I’d heard of this place before. You hide people and find them on occasion. I couldn’t find much information beyond that, and I’m a curious person.”

Molly felt that Caroline had more to tell, so she waited as the other woman gathered her thoughts. If need be she could beat the information out of her, but Molly had an inkling that the best way to get it with Caroline would be to wait her out.

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