WIPpet Wednesday!! September 4, 2013

Good morning and welcome to the land of the living. I absolutely almost forgot that today was Wednesday. *hides* but I remembered!! In time, of course. It’s been a crazy week, but this morning I was filled with reading about Zombis in Haiti (they’re real there), and witches who are high on drugs and use broomsticks to transfer the drug to their bodies (that’s all I’m saying because the rest is inappropriate). Yes, I was actually reading this for class.

Nothing crazy like that in this story…yet. Even though there are witches. Hmmm…now I have ideas running around in my head.

Well here you go!

Since today is the 4th, you get 4 lines from Chapter 10 of the story that still has no name. Joel is talking to Emma in this…so have fun!!


“Why are you here, Caroline?”

She cringed inwardly at the name and chewed on the inside of her lip.

“I’m not sure what you mean.”

“Why are you at the house? Why did you come find us?”

If you would like to join in WIPpet, all you have to do is write up a blog post with some of your current WIP (Work In Progress) that correlates somehow to the date. Feel free to get crazy with the maths. Then you link it up here and read everyone elses work. It’s fantastic!!


Also…in case you missed it. I did an interview with a cover reveal last week. If you want to read the interview, you can go here. This, by the way, has been my favorite interview to do so far.

If you just want the cover reveal and to tell me how fantastic it is, look down.

Dying Embers is the second in the James Matthews Trilogy, but is a prequel to Forever Burn. In this novel, we learn more about Addison Lee. This book will be released THIS DECEMBER!!


She thought she was on a new path, but life keeps tugging Addison Lee back to her past and her gift.

Addison struggles to make a new life in Norwich, one where she can be the Battalion Chief of Fire Station Seven and live life as she sees fit. She wants a life without the complications of an ex-fiancé and a job that put her life on the line for little more than a gift she was born with. Learning the ropes of a new job can always be tough, and being a Battalion Chief means she has a great responsibility to her crew and to the city. Nervous about her first day already, Addison realizes that adding in a one-night stand with a future employee has left her on rocky ground.

Plagued by visions of a dying woman, Addison continues to cope with difficulties at her new job. She has no idea who the dying woman is, where she is, or even, when she is—and no means to find out. Addison is distracted from the dying woman and her new job when called to Wyoming on an emergency, where she discovers it’s not as easy to leave her past behind as she hoped.

18 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday!! September 4, 2013

  1. Hmm . . . Joel is talking to “Emma” yet calls her Caroline and she cringes. Nice set-up in four lines, and loads of questions.

  2. The cover is awesome. :-)

    Haitian voodoo stuff can get pretty gritty. Did you happen to catch the name of the zombie drug? I had it at one point and then forgot it. *facepalm* (Aside from writing, my other major interest is medically stuff, so that one was double the fun for me.)

    Obviously Joel has a little problem with names.

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