WIPpet Wednesday! August 20, 2013

Well, here we go. I’m back! Yay! School has started, work has started, I’m moving in 9 days, life is about to stay insane for awhile. But! the writing is good, as it always is. I have been awarded the wonderful position of Municipal Liaison for NaNoWriMo in the DFW region. I’m so excited to see what November has to bring. While I was gone for two amazing weeks, I got the proofs for the book cover for Dying Embers, which should coming out in December. w00t!

I also got to play with my new godsons, which is even better!!

Anyway, enough rambling, without further ado, 14 sentences from chapter 7 (20-8=12+2=14) of the newest thing with no name. To join in WIPpet Wednesday, just post some of your WIP (Work In Progress) and have it in some way correlate with the date. Feel free to get crazy with the math. Once you do that, go here and link it up and check out everyone else’s!

So Molly was a witch. Not something she completely expected, but it fit everything that Emma knew about the woman. Starting with why there were never any photos of her.

Witches lived for nearly ever, their aging process slowed down until it would take close to three hundred years before one wrinkle would appear on her pretty face. Emma had no idea how old Molly was, but if she had to guess, she’d say at least over a hundred and probably closer to two hundred.

Emma heard heels on the floor coming down the hall and she started to panic. She needed her purse. Flipping onto her other side, she looked at the night stand and sighed when she saw her purse sitting on top of it. Emma reached out and slid her hand inside, grabbing the tiny eight ounce water bottle. Twisting the already broken seal, she took the cap off and downed the contents of the bottle.

It was her last one. Putting the bottle back into her purse, she laid on her back and stared at the door just as Molly came through. Emma’s heart pounded in her chest and she tried to hide the flush in her cheeks. Molly instantly came over to her, concern written all over her features.

28 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday! August 20, 2013

  1. Oooh what is Emma? I like the idea of no wrinkles as you get older. Not that I’ve reached that point in my life when wrinkles start anyway, but just the thought of near-eternal youth sounds good to me!

    • Yeah, but to have that you have to live for basically ever. Molly was born in the early 19th Century (which I know, but Emma doesn’t, so SPOILER!).

      Emma is Emma =P I’m not telling what she is yet. I’m not sure if I’ll ever post that reveal here, but I do need to write it before I get to post it. It’s about to happen soon, which I’m excited about.

  2. Great WIPpet. Hmm…such a tease. What is Emma, I wonder? And, um, what’s with the water? Or did I miss something? I was going along the lines of the whole witches melt thing. Okay, too much Wizard of Oz as a kid.

  3. It was her last one… Last one what? (oh, I know, that would be telling… harumph)

    It’s interesting. I’ve been writing stories with characters who live for a very long time (there are several millennials among them), and while I don’t envy them, I don’t “not envy” them… It’s strange that you say that you wouldn’t want to live that long, Adrian. Why not?

    (Congrats, btw, on the NaNoWriMo Liaison post. May it be lots of fun, and social with words.)

    • Why? I think it would be horrible to watch my family and friends die. Also I haven’t had the best of beginnings in life, so finally not having that be a part of me when I die will be fantastic.

      Lol last “water” bottle

      • Ah! Yes, I imagine being the only one to live for such a time would make that less desirable…. My characters, while not like classic elves in most ways, do tend to share the long lifespans. Loss of friends and family is about similar proportions to our own…

        So yeah… I would not want to be singled out as the sole immortal either.

        (PS: you’re just evil! I know it’s the last water bottle! EVIL, I tell you!)

  4. Ooh, intriguing! I assume, at least for the moment, Emma doesn’t want Molly knowing she knows about the witch stuff? And I have to say, reading the comments above mine, I’m even more intrigued about Emma, and the water bottle, and everything!

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