Grammar Wednesday: Word Mixups — Further vs Farther

I recently read a book, not to be named, where the author could NOT figure out the difference between further and farther. It occurred to me that this author was probably not the only one with this issue. Both have an essence of distance.

Farther is physical distance.

Further is metaphorical distance.


Rusty the Wonder Kitten looked from the desk to the chair, knowing that it was only a little bit farther than before.

Rusty the Wonder Kitten knew she could push a little bit further and her mother would be charged with insanity.

“It’s only a bit farther,” her father said as she begged to know how much farther to the gas station–she really had to pee.

“If you go any further with that comment, you will lose your job,” his boss shouted.


Get it yet? Hope so! Check back here if you have questions.

Tell me what you think. I wanna know!

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