WIPpet Wednesday! August 7, 2013

Welcome, welcome, welcome. I decided since I’m procrastinating to do my WIPpet this week. You can join in! Anyone can. You simply have to post something that has to do with the date from your current WIP (Work In Progress). So since today is August 7th, it can be seven words from chapter 8, fifteen words from the 13th chapter. Get creative with the math! Make your post, then go here to link it all up. Go and read everyone’s and leave some comments of encouragement.

Thanks to MyRandomMuse for hosting this amazing event each week.

Seven sentences from the end of chapter four.

“I really wish you wouldn’t have lied to me. This would have been far less complicated.”

“Yeah,” Emma said, her gut wrenching. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Molly nodded and kissed her quickly before standing and leaving Emma’s small one-bedroom apartment. As soon as the door shut, Emma waved her hand and the locks clicked into place. That was a close call, she thought and curled up on her couch.

Now next week, no WIPpet for me. I’ll be without internet for exactly six days, something I’m hoping to survive! However, I get to play with babies, so it’s all good. Off to Montana I go!


37 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday! August 7, 2013

  1. So jealous that you’re going to Montana, Adrian. I’ve often thought about moving there, but I’m concerned about the water due to mining residue. (One more thing to investigate!)

    Thanks for your intern comment over on my blog. I left you some information there.

    I did a minor in Theology at Rollins College. Fascinating! Where in Texas are you? I may have to move there myself due to job availability. I’m thinking Austin sounds like a fun place to be.

    • Water due to mining residue? It’s all glacial run off. Water is perfectly find. Of you don’t drink it from the water table it comes from wells which tastes amazing.

      I’m in Fort Wort. Austin is about 3 hours south of me. It’s an awesome place though! I’d love to visit there more often.

      • Not functional yet, I guess. I meant water pollution. Oops! Time for more coffee. And to get the cat off the counter – do yours like to chew plastic??

      • There isn’t water pollution. That’s what I’m saying. They’re very careful about that.

        My likes to chew anything. Particularly paper.

      • Outstanding! Now I don’t have to have any second thoughts about moving to whatever college towns there are in Montana. That’s where I’m most likely to find jobs – I work at a local college here in Orlando.

      • Bozeman or Missoula are the two big ones. My mom works was UM and got her degree at MSU. There’s small colleges in other towns though. Helena, Great Falls, Butte (wouldn’t recommend there though), Billings. Maybe Miles City. I love Montana. Wish I could move back, but I doubt I’ll ever find a job there.

      • Then I guess we both have to make our livings from our fiction, so we can live anywhere we want! I also wanted to mention that I LOVED that casual bit of magic in your WIP today. It made me think it was prevalent in your world, and that lots of people could do it. What a place to be!

      • Haha that’s not going to happen nor do I want that to happen. I’m a minister and that will always be my career.

        That’s actually the first full introduction of magic in this world. The readers knows something isn’t norm but until this moment they didn’t know what. But it’s one of my favorite moments so far.

        Emma is a conundrum. It’s actually not “magic” per se. She can manipulate magnetism. Tons of fun and only one of her powers.

      • You’re a minister, how wonderful!! The only friend I could discuss theology with has since left this world. He was very sick, so it was a good thing for him. I’m sure he feels much better now.

      • Yes, I’m a minister. Or at least I will be ordained in the next year or so. =P

        There’s usually subtle theology in my books because of it. There’s a lot more in For by Grace on purpose. I love adding it in.

  2. It looks like it got sorted out. When I went to the WIPpet linky and clicked on your icon, it directed me to the “you’re not allowed to edit this” page twice. It directed me here this time. :-)

  3. Ah, yes, intriguing. Wish I could wave a hand and make things happen! LOL But what did she lie about, hmmm? And what was a close call? Leave the reader wanting more, that’s our job!

  4. I like the fact that you start us with a “lie”. It certainly adds to the intrigue. And the casual magic/powers… It’s best when things like that aren’t overplayed (unless the theme of a piece is how the character is learning to deal with the arrival of powers).

    And Montana… I have always wanted to go to Missoula because of the carousel (I’m a bit of a history of amusement parks buff). Shan Jeniah (fellow WIPpeteer) lived for several years outside Bozeman (sort of… she and her husband were actually working for the National Park Service at Yellowstone), but her son was born in Montana. I’ve heard a lot about the state… enough to seriously intrigue me. I really hope you enjoy your stay there, Adrian.

    • I’m from Missoula actually. Just now waiting for my flight there. =P the carousel is awesome. Godson number 1 loves it there too. I actually also used to live in Bozeman and went to Yellowstone all the time. Go figure. And yes part of Yellowstone is in Montana. I live going back!

      This I think is my favorite excerpt that I’ve done so far. Short and sweet. =P

  5. Ooh this is intriguing – I love a WIPpet that raises lots of questions and leaves me wanting to know more. A wave of a hand and the locks click into place, now there’s a useful skill.

    Have a fabulous time in Montana!

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