Shore-Leave and babies

So if you didn’t already know, I’m traveling this week and the next week. (Visiting the maman and the godsons.) It means that sometimes I screw things up (like my WIPpet on Wednesday…evil phones are evil). While I have a computer, I thought I’d give you this post.

On August 7th, there will be not WIPpet and there will be no Grammar Wednesday. Ditto for August 14. I’m so sorry, but you’ll have to wait to find more about Emma and Molly (as well as her gang of complainers).

However, on August 7th (assuming the green men in my computer and the internet don’t eat the blog post), there will be a promo for R.E. Hargrave’s next book in The Divine Trilogy. I am lucky enough to participate in a blog hop for her release, and I would love it if you all would check it out.

I’m still writing on the Emma Story (which still has no name…I need to get on top of that). Next week I won’t have any internet *gasp* It’s horrible! I know! I’ll also be stuck the majority of the time with a twelve year old in a house. That means, hopefully, I will be writing a bit more than this week, which isn’t much. I expect to get quite a bit done on the novel itself.

Lastly, I was writing, just not on a novel. I was writing a sermon. On Sunday August 11th, I’ll be preaching for my very first time in front of a congregation. Prior to this, all I’ve done is preach in front of classmates and a professor. They have told me that they are scarier than a real congregation, but I have my doubts. So I wrote. A sermon. Which is A TON of work, by the way, if you haven’t every written one.

So, toodles for now!!

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