Grammar Wednesday: TENSES — future

This is the rarest of all for an entire story/novel to be written in. However, there are often sections that require this.

example time!!

Rusty would be going to visit her brother in Washington, D.C. for a week. Then she would be going to the west to visit some family. She couldn’t be more excited at the prospect of traveling and seeing everything. Rusty would go to the national monument and the Lincoln memorial, maybe she would even stop by and see the White House. She wondered if the president would be around, maybe she could catch a glimpse.

Example done. *sigh*

Yes, future tense is necessary, but I do only suggest small doses of it! =P

One thought on “Grammar Wednesday: TENSES — future

  1. I don’t see future tense in books for adults very often, but it does get used in picture books. Back in my college days, one English prof. gave us a list of words to avoid like crazy. We had to write a short story without any of them. “Would, could, should, will, has have, had, did, etc.” were all on it. I’ve written some ridiculous sentences trying to avoid them, but in a full length novel, they’re almost impossible to eradicate. Sometimes, you just gotta use future tense. :-)

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