WIPpet Wednesday!! July 31, 2013 (Harry Potter’s Birthday)

Good morning! I’m joining in from the East Coast today with a spectacular visit with my mother. Can you imagine? I sent a message saying I would be there in two days and she thought I was wrong. So when I posted on facebook yesterday that I was flying, she immediately writes back “Um…I thought you were coming on Thursday!” Talk about a shock to her. Anyway…she’s at work so here we go.

This is WIPpet Wednesday. There are 31 sentences here from chapter three of my new piece that has no name as of yet. If you want to join in, which is perfectly fine and appreciated, then make a post with your current WIP (Work In Progress), or if you don’t have a current one, start a new one. The only hard-fast rule is that your post has to somehow relate to the date. Thus since today is the 31st you get 31 sentences. Feel free to get very, very creative with the math!

Without further ado…

He took another two steps back and screamed. The floor under him gave way and he crashed through, one leg going through the hole in the floor and the other bunching up under his chest.

He panted and moaned once everything stopped and started to look around. Molly was across the room, holding on to the railing and the creature was in front of him spewing and hissing again. Joel raised up his hands in front of his face and his body jerked down again. He had to reach out and grab hold of something. Trying to find purchase as he slipped farther down the hole, Joel started to panic.

“Stop moving!” Molly shouted.

It took Joel a second for her words to register, but he did stop. She was closer this time, staring at him with wide eyes.

“You all right?”

“If you count the splinters being the only thing holding me up, then yes, I’m all right.”

“Glad to see you haven’t lost your sense of humor,” she said and looked at the creature as it continued to hiss, moving every so carefully closer to Joel.

“Shoot it already!” Joel yelled.

Molly raised her gun with the tranqs and aimed. Her finger twitched as her muscles tensed, and she pulled the trigger, hitting her mark square in the side. The creature hissed and coughed before sputtering and falling over. With it no longer moving and threatening him, Joel finally was able to get a good look at it.

“It’s huge!”

“He’s not that large,” Molly said and stepped closer.

“Are you kidding? That thing is the size of a Labrador.”

Joel shifted and slipped farther. Grunting, he caught himself and stared at Molly, silently begging her to get him up and out of the pit he’d fallen into. Molly took a few deep breaths and tested the wood all around him. It seemed the floor right behind him was the strongest. Molly knelt down against his back and wrapped her arms around his chest.

“Is only one leg hurting?” she asked.

“Seeing as how one is in a hole and I can’t feel it, and the other one is the only thing that’s keeping me on this level right now, I’m going to say that they are both hurting.”

“Quit with the attitude,” she muttered.

Joel snorted.

Thanks to MyRandomMuse for hosting this amazing event. If you choose to post, link it up here!

10 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday!! July 31, 2013 (Harry Potter’s Birthday)

  1. That’s not a situation you’d really want to be in dangling through floorboards with a creature hissing at you – and just what is the creature? An intriguing and vividly described scene.

  2. Sounds like Joel may have either pinched a nerve in the leg that dropped or severed it badly… Either way? He’s in a mess! Good thing he has Molly.)

  3. I’ve been dangling through a floor and yeah, no fun. Of course, I didn’t have a snarling beast in my face. Laughing siblings, yes. And trust me, if I would have had a tranquilizer gun I would have shot them, too. I love his snarky attitude.

  4. Lol, she’d be getting ALL THE SNARK from me if I were in that situation. I’m intrigued by the creature, why they were hunting it (I’m assuming they were hunting it, at least, since they seem to have come prepared), all those things. Yay for new WIPs!

  5. I had a friend end up like Joel is. I lived in this horrible place I try to forget. However, I cannot forget the day my friend walked across my porch and bam! Just like Joel. But, yeah, the whole trying to figure out where was safe to step and stuff happened after that. Luckily, unlike Joel, my friend wasn’t hurt, though his pants did get ripped.

    Great excerpt, hope the WIP is going well for you. :)

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