#WIPpet Wednesday: July 24, 2011 #wip #amwriting

So…It’s Wednesday! That means it’s WIP Wednesday! WooHoo! If you haven’t heard, I finished my last WIP, so guess what? I started another one. Because I’m absolutely insane and can’t take a break. This new one I’m very excited for. There are vampires (not the sparkly kind), witches (not the good and not the bad kind…the gray kind), and werewolves (who don’t just change when the moon is full), and so many other creatures I can’t begin to explain it all. I’m so excited to get into this piece. It’s the start of a serial. That’s right. A serial, and since my MC lives for like ever, I guess it can just go on for like ever. *head desk*

So here’s what’s happen. This is a WIPpet. You can join in if you want. Just make a blog post with your current WIP (work in progress) and have the post correlate to the date. Today you’re getting 24 sentences from my novel. It’s only from the second chapter, not from the seventh, because I haven’t written the seventh yet! Feel free to get creative with your numbers. Once you make the post, you link it up here!! Thanks to My Random Muse for hosting this awesome event!!

Here you go!! My WIPpet

Emma woke in a strange room with no one else around. She looked from side to side, her head feeling the pillow each time she moved as she frantically tried to figure out where she was. The drapes were a soft yellow and the walls a pale blue. She sighed and turned toward the door as soon as she heard someone coming down the hall.

She pushed up in the bed and leaned back, groaning when pain shot through her leg and into her hip. Everything seemed to be in a fog, like she was swimming through molasses just to be able to stay afloat. Her head rocked from side to side on her shoulders, and she had to squint as soon as the door opened.

The woman who stepped through was beautiful. Emma was struck into place, the molasses finally stopping its perpetual movement as the woman came forward. Long dark locks that cascaded down her shoulders, just touching the tops of her breasts, eyes that were so dark, Emma could barely make out her irises. Emma took a shuddering breath and planted a hand on her cheek, double checking that her jaw wasn’t hanging loose.

With each step that the woman took closer to where Emma lay, she could make out more and more of her. The woman wore a slimming green dress with heels that Emma herself could never walk in without falling. Her legs were toned and never ended, her hips swayed to an unknown beat, and her smile—Emma stopped.

“Hello,” the woman said.

“Hi,” Emma replied, tentatively.

She had no idea who the woman was other than she was probably the reason Emma was there. Throughout all of her research, she hadn’t been able to find a picture of the woman who owned the small house, but Emma knew she’d meet her eventually.

“I’m Molly. Do you remember anything?”

Emma shook her head and watched as Molly sat on the side of the bed. Her heart pounded in her chest as she worried over what was going to happen next. If she had said too much, then her world would be ending. Molly couldn’t know why she was there.


20 thoughts on “#WIPpet Wednesday: July 24, 2011 #wip #amwriting

  1. I loved your description of her swimming through molasses just to stay afloat, and how that sensation instantly cleared when the ravishing Molly entered the room! Rawr, sexy lady :) Your descriptions are beautiful, my dear! You are a fantastic writer.

  2. Oooh, Lions, and tigers, and bea . . . No! Much, much worse. Very descriptive, tantalizing piece you’ve got going here. Sets up an intriguing lead in.

    • Thanks!! I’m really excited to be working on this piece. It’s a complete re-wirte/overhaul of another piece I did. *cough* I’m turning a fanfic into an original, with hopefully very very VERY little trace of the fanfic.

  3. Fantastic excerpt Adrian, so atmospheric. I got a really great sense of Emma’s predicament even though I don’t know exactly why she’s in this situation. Molly’s very intimidating – intriguing character. I’m keen to read more!

    • lol She’s in the situation because she put herself there. She has a plan and she’s going to go through with it! I love Emma. One of my favorite characters I’ve ever written. Talk about stubborn and secretive.

      I’m so glad that you think Molly is intimidating. Exactly what I wanted!

  4. I’ll echo the others with the great descriptions. I really like the way Emma’s senses were all blurry and then come sharply into focus with the arrival of this beautiful and somewhat mysterious woman. Where will it go next I wonder?

  5. I think I like the last paragraph best. I woke up from a nightmare on an airplane once and had this really awkward feeling that I might have been talking in my sleep. It stinks. I imagine it would be worse if you knew you really did have a secret to guard.

    • Lol yup! And I don’t think it was the talking in sleep thing as much as the, my leg was broken, they gave me good drugs, what the hell did I say when on drugs? Kind of thing! But that’s with context!

  6. So, I have to say… except for Emma’s reactions to her (which made me think wonder if Emma was concerned about being left with a dominatrix), Molly spoke very sweetly. Or at least, she spoke rather like a nurse would to a patient who had blacked out….

    Still, I love the way the piece ended. So Molly can’t know why… Why do I suddenly feel like Molly has a talent for getting answers?

  7. This is a piece that makes me hope you post more next week and that really draws you into what’s going on (even though i have no clue, but I so want to know). And liek the others said, your description is made of awesome.

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