WIPpet Wednesdays: July 17, 2013

It’s Wednesday! That means it’s WIPpet Wednesday!! You can join us any time just by creating a post of your current WIP (Work In Progress). Your post has to correlate to the date in some way. It can be seventeen words from chapter seven, or seven words from chapter seventeen! Get creative!

Today is seven paragraphs from chapter 5 of Ashes Fall. All you need to know is that James WAS taking a shower, and Lily is her sixteen-year-old daughter.

The suds slid down her body when the curtain to the shower flung open. Lily stood on the other side, hesitating for only a second before she stepped over the edge of the tub and clasped a hand over James’ mouth and moving her into the corner of the shower. James’ heart rapped against her ribs and in her throat, making it hard to swallow and breathe.

Lily made a shushing noise into her ear and took a deep breath, the water raining down onto both of them, the white suds from the body wash sliding down to the tub and swirling around before heading down the drain. James gripped her daughters hip to try and push her away, but Lily held strong and didn’t budge.

Managing to wriggle free enough to speak, James took a deep breath of the hot steam which suffocated her even more. “Lily, what’s going on?”


When Lily’s eyes found James’, the dark-brown was filled with worry and fear, her irises large and dilated. James started to breath heavier—something was definitely wrong. She tried again to push Lily aside and to reach for the shower curtain to leave the confines of the bathroom, but Lily held her still.

“I need to see what’s going on.”

“Someone’s here,” Lily whispered back. “Shut up or they’ll find us.”

To join us, make your post and link up here!! Thanks to My Random Muse for hosting!! See y’all next week!

18 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesdays: July 17, 2013

  1. Oi! I just about had an ear-plugging, eye-squeezing, lalalalalalala! moment. So James is Lily’s mum? I think having my shower invaded would be creepy enough sans invaders. I would’ve grabbed my towel pretty darn quickly or yanked the shower curtain off its hooks!Please tell me that poor James gets a towel soon!

  2. My first impulse would have been Water Fight!!! Um . . . okay, maybe not. Pretty intense moment here. Lily’s pretty insistent . . .

  3. *shudders* That was really claustrophobic and intense. Knowing what I do of Lily from past WIPpets, I don’t know whether to believe her about there being someone there, or whether this is more of her crazy.

    • Lol Lily thought there was someone there. This happens before the last one. There wasn’t someone there but she really was convinced there was.

  4. Creepy! But I have to admit, I was more than a little confused by the mom being James. Yes, I know it was in your description, but I thought maybe you’d skipped a detail. I know I tend to do that when writing blog posts! :)

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