Grammar Wednesday: TENSES — past tense

Hey ya’ll! This is my preferred tense to write in. I love it! To me, even when speaking, stories are told in the past tense because they happen in the past, not in the moment. If that makes sense. So here’s an example of past tense.


She walked into the room, her dress beautifully wrapped around her body, her makeup all done up, and her hair twisted into curls. No one stared at her. No one looked at her. She took a deep breath and waded through the people to the table with drinks on it, staring ahead. She looked for her. The most gorgeous woman she could ever imagine. She knew that she was coming, it was the whole reason she even bothered to show up and take care in how she looked.

Jane arrived in style. Heads turned as her heels clicked on the floor, and eyes followed her every movement as she sauntered through the ballroom. Christmas parties were never her thing, and to be forced to go to one by her boss, well needless to say, she didn’t want to be there. Jane let out a sigh when she saw the one woman who could make her night standing next to the drink table. The smile graced her lips as she maneuvered through the crowd, ignoring any cat calls and conversations that people tried to start up. Her eyes were set on one thing and one thing alone. Her.


I love, love, LOVE past tense!

Tell me what you think. I wanna know!

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