Indie Author Land Interview

Forever BurnToday my interview with Indie Author Land goes live!! I’m sharing it here so you can read it. I had a ton of fun answering their questions and getting to know them better.

The interview is about my first novel Forever Burn.

Here’s a section from the interview…

OK. Tell us a little more about James.
James has lived in the same little town her entire life and has always wanted to be a firefighter. She wanted to run into burning buildings and save lives. It’s not turning out to be that; instead, she is sent to far more medical calls than to fire reports. However, two years before she did go to a house fire and rescued a little girl, Lily, from the flames. Now she can’t stop the nightmares and flashbacks of Lily standing in the house being swallowed by the fiery inferno.

Interview with Adrian J Smith, author of Forever Burn | Indie Author Land.

2 thoughts on “Indie Author Land Interview

    • It was!! I can’t do this weeks creative Buzz hop. I’ve tried many times but I think it’s just too close to home right now for me to actually sit down and write anything. =(

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