Update! Books in June/July

I’m sorry I haven’t spent as much time on the blog this summer as I would like to be. Here’s a make up post! I sincerely hope everyone had a fantastic Fourth of July. I’ve been working on writing ASHES FALL for Camp NaNo and I’m finally making progress on it. I’ve been trying to write this book since about February and got sidetracked by FOR BY GRACE, which needed to be finished for submission. This one I at least have some time on, it’s not looking like it will be out until 2015! Yikes! So far away.

ASHES FALL is quite different from the other two books in the series. This one is a lot darker and a lot more intense. I knew it was going to happen that way. The nature of the story made it necessary. However, I did not expect Lily and James to totally trample over my plans and take over in certain places. Sometimes characters can be insane. The book is still on the main track that I want it to be, and that’s what is important at the moment.

I haven’t been reading much, so my book update will be short. I have enjoyed what I’ve read though. Which is awesome. I got on vacation for two weeks in the beginning of August. I will be meeting my two brand new godbabies, Asa and Aidan, during that time to. Twin boys. Whew! I hope I can tell them apart. Along with them and my first godson, Seth, I’ll have three in total!! Such a blessing to have them all in my life, as well as their mother, whom I adore and love.

Anyway, enough rambling from here…here’s my book update!

1. Rescue Me by Julie Cannon

This book sucked me in from the very beginning. I got the sample and as soon as I finished it I had to read the rest of the novel. The characters were very relatable, and even though it was a class, main character as a writer, it was still a very interesting novel with a twist I didn’t expect (which is hard to do sometimes). This really was a great read for an afternoon, short and well-written. 5 stars

Tell me what you think. I wanna know!

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