#WIPpet Wednesday: July 3, 2013

So sorry I missed last week folks, but nothing I wrote was appropriate *giggles*

I do have appropriateness this week! Yay for writing non-sex scenes. Also, the sex-novel, aka the erotic sci-fi, is finished! wOOt…now to start the editing process.

So here’s what WIPpet Wednesday is. We (writers amongst the greatness) post our WIP’s, work in progresses. Not the whole thing, for sure, just a small smidgen of it. And it relate somehow to the date. So since today is July 3rd, it can be three paragraphs, three sentences, three words, maybe perhaps from chapter seven (not for me, I haven’t written chapter 7 yet, that’s for today). Then you go here and add yourself to the linky, and go check out other’s work and that’s how it all works out. Great? Fantastic? Yeah, I thought so too. So join in!

For me, this week, you get ten tiny little paragraphs. 7 for July and 3 for the day. This is from Ashes Fall, the third and final in the James Matthew’s series and it’s from Chapter 6. Enjoy. =P Things you should know 1) They are firefighters 2) James is a woman 3) James is the Battalion Chief to station 7 with two engines (65 & 67) 4) James has a “gift”

Anger bubbled in her throughout the entire drive back to her office. She stomped up the stairs and glared at her crew until they all gave her sorry looks. The police scanner in the corner of the room was turned on and had given away the ending to their tragedy of a call. James shook her head before nodding and going into her office. She needed time alone. The medicine had done nothing to kick her headache and she really just needed five minutes to herself.

She swung the door open and stopped short. Addison sat in the chair that she used to occupy. James’ jaw dropped as the brunette who had been dead for the better part of eleven years, spun in the chair and grinned up with her quirky smile. James’ heart started to pound in her chest, amping up into her throat until she couldn’t breathe anymore. She needed to move, to shut the door at least. No one in the other room would do well to see a dead woman walking around.

Except she didn’t look dead. James slipped into the room and shut the door, not daring to look away from Addison, so she did everything behind her back. She slipped the lock into place and opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Addison started to laugh–the sound rich and vibrating throughout the room. James panicked, suddenly thinking that someone else was going to be able to see and hear her if she was too loud.

She shook her head and put her hand up to try and quiet Addison down. The woman pouted, but she did stop.

“Addy,” James mustered, her voice breaking the instant it sounded. She cleared her throat again. “Addy, what–”

But the woman had started to fade. The light dimmed and her body started to disappear into the waning light of the room. James reached forward and tried to grab for her, but she missed and hit only air. Tears started to stream down her cheeks and she brushed them away haphazardly, trying harder when the door opened.

“What is it?” James asked, looking up to find JC there.

“Just wanted to tell you we got another call, Chief.”

“What?” James looked at the clock on the computer and noted that three hours had passed. She sniffled and looked back at JC. “Send sixty-seven.”

“On it.” With one last look, JC shut the door to the office and exited the room, leaving James alone with her fading memories.


10 thoughts on “#WIPpet Wednesday: July 3, 2013

    • Thank you so much!! I was worried about this because it’s hard to understand what’s going on, or the emotional depth to what’s going on, without knowing the characters or any of their history. So thank you for saying that!

  1. I like it too. It has great emotion in it – although it’s not very nice for Addison to laugh and then fade out. Even if it wasn’t an evil laugh…

    Congratulations on getting the MS done too!

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