Glitter and paints–promises that I’m not a diva!

I do realize that I did not participate in WIP Wednesday yesterday. There is a reason. Anything that I wrote this entire week was entirely inappropriate for WIP Wednesday. I couldn’t even fudge it with only certain lines. The entire writing consisted of one single, long running sex scene. So…I didn’t participate. Next week, loves!

However, I did spend most of yesterday having fun. Shirking my other duties of editing (I have three novels I’m editing, two professionally, one for a friend, and a few shorts that people sent me), I went to my friends house. She’s a professional photographer, and we decided to play with paint and glitter! Oh the wonders that came out last night.

I sat around for FIVE hours getting painted on, with only a few pictures to match the wonderful experience. I went silver first, then washed it off, then silver again before washing it off. We were having slight issues with the paint. Note to selves–water based paint does NOT work. So then we switched to acrylic, and I got bronzed–like from Warehouse 13!! Anyway…here’s the joy of last night.


It is not full body paint, though I imagine Amy will get around to that some day. It didn’t go much lower than what can be seen in the picture, and it didn’t cover my back at all. After a forty-minute shower last night, I still have glitter on my face and I’m sure my hair still has some paint in it (since it was 3am by the time I arrived home, I opted for NOT washing my hair just yet).

I tempted fate. I left Amy’s last night looking like this and sped a bit on the twenty-minute drive home. I was kind of hoping a cop would pull me over so that I could explain to said police officer what I had been doing. No such luck. I was not pulled over and those flashing lights did not appear in my rearview.

I leave off with the picture and the story. It’s always good to experiment in creativity–changing mediums helps one learn more about one’s comforts in a preferred medium.

For Amy’s Info:




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