Creative Buzz Hop: The betrayal of emotions

8837096895_81577a234b_qThis weeks Creative Buzz Hop is on the topic of infidelity. Join in and write something! You have until next Wednesday to do it. It can be a personal story, a definition, a creative definition, a short story, a long story, a poem, a haiku, anything you want it to be so long as it stays on topic, which is infidelity by the way.

Once you write it, link it up on this blog and go read some others. Everyone has interesting POV’s.

So, without further delay…I give you mine!


She slapped her hands onto the desk and let all the energy she had left move from her body into the stagnant wood. Tension started to ebb of her like waves receding from the shoreline as the tide went out, only about a hundred times faster. Exhausted started to take over, working into each muscle and lingering in each crevice until she gave up and plopped down into the chair. Trying to ignore the tears ticking and itching at the back of her eyes, she stared blankly out the window, seeing nothing as it passed by.

The sharp breath took her by surprise, but she managed to suppress it under pure determination. She would not cry. Drawing in a deep breath of air, she set about cleaning her desk until it shined from the polish. With that done, there was nothing else to do. She rocked her head back before decided to curl into a ball. Lifting her feet into her chair, after shedding her shoes, she wound both of her arms together and pressed her forehead to her skin.

The day had taken the worst turn possible. There was no feeling of justification, of a job well done, of having anything complete and all she could do was sit there and wallow in the betrayal and hurt that she felt. Her job had been sold to another company, and while they had promised to keep everyone on staff, she had just been informed by her new prissy little boss that she would not have a job come the end of the month. Downsizing. New leadership. Fresh meat. It was all the same—she was laid off because she had been around from the start. Shouldn’t it be the opposite.

And to top it all off, her girlfriend had called and started talking to her about the date they were going on later that evening. Except they weren’t going on a date. Heartbreak number two in the span of thirty minutes. He only thing that could have been worse would be if her car stopped working and refused to bring her home, to a newly empty house. No one and nothing cared about loyalty or responsibility. The marks of time or perhaps the marks of humanity refused to allow fidelity to surpass the desires of the individual.

The sob tore through her chest and she looked up in time to see the legs and back of a co-worker walk by her door. Racing to the offending object, she shut and lock it, dropping back into her chair. Tears tore down her cheeks, leaving angry red lines and wet spots in their wake. Snot filled her nose and forced her to breathe through her mouth, letting another wail through her lips. Nothing could go right. She couldn’t even control her body to the point where crying didn’t happen. Except this wasn’t crying, this was an all-out sob-fest, one of which she hadn’t had since her cat and companion of twenty years died in the middle of the night.

Wiping her hands fiercely under her eyes, she sniffled and swallowed the mucus as it was brought up. Nothing better than tearing up in front of the new boss or locking herself alone in her office to let it all out—against her will. She shuddered and drew in a ragged breath as another tortured cry ripped from her. God, maybe the worst thing wouldn’t be the betrayal of her car that evening on her ride home. Maybe it would be the infidelity of her body to her mind.

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