WIPpet Wednesday: June 12, 2013

It’s Wednesday! That means it’s time for WIPpet Wednesday! That means it’s time to read!!!

If you want to join in, write a post, click the link, add your post! Your post must correlate in some way to the date, so keep that in mind!

I have finished my ghost story that I used a few weeks ago for the WIPpet day. Here’s the link to the beginning of the story. I’m not adding some more to it! This is the last update on the ghost story I’ve title FLASH OF DEATH. This picks up close to where it left off…Shea has taken her someplace where they can touch (yes, dirty minds you are free to roam). 12 sentences, and yes, they were just kissing.


They broke apart after time stopped, and CL looked around, taking in her surroundings. She wasn’t in her house anymore. Shea stood before her in a gray, fuzzy and muted area. There were no walls that she could see, no floor and no ceiling as she stepped away from him to increase her awareness. The gray was close enough that she thought she could reach out and touch it, but as soon as she reached her hand forward, all she felt was air.

Thunder roared around the room, but it sounded off, like someone had stuffed earplugs in her ears and then put sound-canceling headphones on. She spun back around to Shea when she realized that the thunder didn’t echo. Light filled the room for a momentary blast before receding back into the grayness. “Where are we?”

“In the in between,” he answered, not moving from where he was rooted. More lightning came and went; thunder resounded before disappearing into the ether. “This is where we collide.”


On other news, I finished my final edit of DYING EMBERS and have sent it to the publisher. Just waiting to hear back from her, and then I have to task of picking a book cover! So yay! Now I’m off to take pictures of sunflowers!!

22 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday: June 12, 2013

  1. Interesting. More evidence of Kathils evil influence on us all. Did you notice that Emily Witt posted about a musical called In-Between?

    I like the imagery in the first paragraph. It’s disorienting to be sure something is close enough to touch only to find it isn’t anywhere near you, or vice versa. :-)

  2. Great descriptions and I could feel their disorientation. That last paragraph is particularly intriguing. Congratulations on finishing the final edit of Dying Embers.

  3. I’m just as in love with the description of the in-between as the first time you showed it to me. I can imagine it in my head and hear the muffled sound of thunder even though it feels like it should be roaring through my bones. Love it!

  4. And they just stopped kissing… Hmm, I would feel very disoriented to be in such a place and situation. I really feel for CL here.

    And the in-between… One has to wonder. In between what? Light and shadow? Life and Death? Time and Space? Death and rebirth? The possibilities are endless.

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