WIPpet Wednesday: June 5th, 2013

Good morning! Guess what! Tomorrow is my birthday, so you’re getting something extra special today. I’m currently editing the prequel to my novel that’s out…this one is called DYING EMBERS. It’s so exciting. I should have it done by the end of this week (in theory). Today you will get two scenes, the first is amusing, the second is one of my favorite lines EVER!!!

11 paragraphs for the six plus the five of the month plus the date!! Favorite scene (well, one of). Rob is Addy’s little brother *snorts* they’re in their early twenties and he has just helped her move into her new apartment and new town.


Addison’s eyes remained glued to the retreating figure.  Rob pushed her until she started to move toward the truck.  She hit the electronic lock and opened the door.  She shook her head; dating the apartment manager was not an option.  She felt good, knowing that she was back on track after her most recent break-up.  She felt emotionally stable enough to think about a relationship, which added to her ease.

Sticking the key in the engine and turning her wrist, Addison started the engine.  The machine roared to life as her eyes tracked the progress of her brother as he walked around the front of the vehicle and tried to open the door.

The grin on her lips presented a priceless moment.

He pulled the handle and stepped back.  Taking a deep breath, he shook his head.

Calling through the closed window to her, he said, “Come on, Addy, this stopped being funny when you were sixteen and green.”

“Oh, it so did not.”

She reached over and flicked the lock.  The sound resounded throughout the vehicle.  Out of the corner of her eye, she caught him reach forward to open the door.  She hit the button again.

Pulling the handle, Rob found the door locked once more.  Jerking his hand a few times, he glared.  “Seriously.  Do you want food or not?”

Giving in, Addison unlocked the door and waited for him to climb in.

“Where to, Buzz?” She smirked.

“Infinity and beyond!” he smartly replied before waving her to take a right out of the parking lot.


AND to my favorite freakin’ line EVER!!!! Context? James is trying to hit on Addy and is ridiculously awkward about it. *giggles* Addy gave James this beautiful description of her eyes (which are yellow, btw, but according to Addy, yellow with green and brown hues in the center). James had to one up her–and yes, James is a woman!


“I like your eyes—they’re like Christmas trees, all green and shit.”


Obviously my favorite line is the Christmas line! bahahahaha! Still in love with it. Anyway, you got a special something today!!

If you want to participate, My Random Muse is hosting, and check out the link to add yours. If you just want to participate by reading, then READ AWAY!!!

15 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday: June 5th, 2013

  1. I like the way that Addison is taunting Rob. I remember me and my brother taunting each other as we were growing up. We get on SO much better now we don’t live together – and there is the fact that whilst I still live in the UK, he’s in Poland!

  2. Hey welcome to the WIPpeteers, Adrian, and happy birthday for tomorrow.

    Great relationship Rob and Addy have and that Christmas tree line made me smile. :-)

  3. I’m the youngest of nine — that locking the doors thing? Just the tip of the freaking iceberg. And, yes, I do it to my hubby all the time. For some reason, he only finds it humorous when he does it to me. The Christmas tree line is hysterical.

    Happy Birthday!! Hope you have something special planned.

    • What’s funny is that I had a beta tell me to rewrite that entire scene basically taking it out because apparently people of their age do NOT participate in those games any more. Addy and Rob, by decree of age, were too mature to do that kind of stuff.

      Obviously I didn’t listen!!

      And thanks! I think I’m going ice skating

      • Maybe people of their age don’t, but I do!! LOL When you grow up with a dad who excels at practical jokes until pretty much his deathbed, it kind of sticks with you.

  4. Okay, “all green and shit” is going to have me giggling all day.

    I also love the sibling interplay. Don’t listen to your beta who says people their age don’t act like that! Lies!

    • =D

      I didn’t listen. I’m doing the final edits and said scene is still there.

      I’m glad you’re giggling! Makes me snort each time I read it.

  5. Whoever that beta was.. they obviously had no fun since they reached voting age… ;-)

    Both excepts were hilarious. Loved them–could “see” them–you have a great sense of how people really interact. That’s going to be priceless when your story is published.

    • Thank you so much!! That beta is no longer my beta =P

      But I was really nervous about Rob and Addy because I’m an only child so I don’t really get all the sibling interaction things. I asked A LOT of people about it. Lol.

      I’m hoping this one will be out in Oct!

      Thanks again.

      • I’m an only child (sort of… my brother is almost 10 years younger than me), but I had a lot of friends who had siblings and we’ve stayed friends. Most of us are in our 40s now, and they still act like that.

        Make sure you let us know when you have it out, It’s looking good.

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