On day two of your work being out on submission.

On day two of your work being out on submission..

This is me, quite simply put. Although, I’m not on day two…I’m on week four, with about five more WEEKS to go. *sigh*.

I sent “For by Grace” into a new publisher for submission, and I am desperately waiting to hear back. The longer that goes by the more and more I think they don’t like it. Then I flip, and go “Well they haven’t sent a rejection yet, so maybe it’s just in the ‘maybe’ pile.” Then I’m quickly back to thinking it’s already in the slushpile and all rejections are going to be sent at once.

It’s this dual bipolar thing going on, and all I can do is sit on my nice red couch and wait. and wait. and wait. and wait. and OMG really?! more waiting!

Honestly, I’m not sure if I really have a backup plan with this novel if it is rejected. I’ve sent it to no one else (the publisher doesn’t want the novel to be queried at more than one place at a time, which makes things take LONGER by the way). I have a current publisher, but I’m not so sure I want her to do the publishing on this one. I’m fairly certain she would, but there is no marketing that happens with that company–which is really what I need because I suck at marketing.

So yes, the book could be published with Supposed Crimes, but do I want it to be? Do I want to once again start the process of getting my name out there with a new book when I’ve barely gotten the first one out? Maybe I’m just too prolific for my own good.

If I do get rejected, I have a lot of thinking to do about my future in the writing industry.

(Oh! Did you hear they’re publishing fanfiction? perhaps…maybe… ROFL). I just really hope they don’t try to shut down all the free fanfiction out there because it’s now being published. Because I say good luck to that! Fighting off angry fans is not an easy thing and you will lose.

Tell me what you think. I wanna know!

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