WIPpet Wednesday — May 22 “First Kiss”

Hmmm…hope I’m doing this correctly. WIPpet Wednesday, get a look at what I’m working on. 22 lines from the 5th chapter of the yet to be titled piece.

All you need to know: Jane, human-born from Alabama; Usnavi, alien-born, sex-shifting Xanthain. They are still getting to know each other and live on a space station, and they are there to procreate to save the Xanthian race. Yes…I do quite understand that this is some good randomness going on here!


The aromas filled her nostrils as she wandered closer and closer to the kitchen. Usnavi gave her a few glances but said nothing as she picked up a small vegetable and popped it into her mouth. She smiled at him, their eyes locking for seconds on end. Giving in, Jane reached out and grabbed zher arm, tugging zhim down. Usnavi moved down, zher neck bending. Jane raised up on her toes, sighing when their lips connected.

It was exactly the same and completely different all at once. Physically, zher lips were exactly the same as any others she had kissed. The tingling was even more intense. It blazed over her lips and scurried down her neck. She sucked in a gasp and wrapped her arms around zher, dragging zher down to her. Jane’s hands clenched at zher sides, and zhe staunchly refused to either touch her or return the kiss.

Jane ran her tongue over zher soft lips, gently asking for access. Usnavi sighed deeply and reached down to grab Jane’s wrists.

“If you wish to meld, you had only to ask.”

Jane screeched in frustration. “I don’t want to meld! I want to kiss! I want to touch, and explore, and figure out what we like and what we don’t. We’re stuck together for the foreseeable future, and I can’t go forever without human contact.” Her eyes darkened with desire. “We tried things your way. Maybe I’m not fertilized because I can’t get pregnant that way. Did you ever consider that?”

Zhe looked at her blankly. “How else would you create a fetus?”

Exasperated, she stalked across the kitchen, backing zher into a corner and pinning zher against the contraption she suspected was a stove. She batted Usnavi’s hands away when zhe tried to keep Jane from touching.


Hope that gives you some fun goodies to hold onto

11 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday — May 22 “First Kiss”

  1. “If you wish to meld, you had only to ask.” Laughing hysterically. I can feel the frustration building here. Very interesting premise to work with.

    And yes, done correctly. It’s hard to do WIPpet Wednesday wrong . . . we’re pretty flexible. ;)

  2. Perhaps because I just stepped into this piece, I find I cannot relate to either character. I don’t what Jane or Usnavi’s people have tried to induce her pregnancy (IVF isn’t an option?), why this pairing is considered feasible in the first place, etc,. I’m sure that you’d be able to offer reasons to suspend my disbelief if I could read it from the beginning, but as this one piece stands, I see this more as a “let’s do a creepy experiment on the human girl” level of the Aliens movies….

    • Haha no! It’s not that at all!! It is hard because this is from the 5th chapter and there are a lot of explanations in the previous 4 chapters. Also, it’s really hard to get a sense of any character in only 22 lines from a novel. I didn’t expect anyone to “get them”.

      IVF isn’t an option. They tried that for a year on Earth and it didn’t work, so this is the Xanthians second option. Jane volunteered to go. If that helps any.

      • Yeah. There’s a scene in that chapter actually where Jane talks to Usnavi about being zher sex slave. It’s quite interesting. I may post the first few chapters soon (as soon as the betas go through them) so you’re welcome to read it then.

  3. PS:, thought I should clarify… I don’t think that the Aliens-style thing is bad, just wanted to note that I’m not sense much of Jane as a willing participant here but more along the lines of “They won’t let me free until I do this, so…”

  4. Ahhh, culture barriers, gotta love them! Usnavi reminded me a bit of Mr Spock from Star Trek, is that coincidence or planned?

    Welcome to the WIPpeteers! :D

    • haha total coincidence. Zhe doesn’t look anything like Spock. I think it was the melding thing that had you, but melding for the aliens is sex and they doing it solely through the touch of their fingers. It’s weird but awesome.

      Usnavi has really dark inky-black skin and bright purple eyes. No hair on zher head, or zher body, and zhe can shift back and forth between female and male sex organs. It’s quite interesting, in my opinion, but I’m a bit biased.

  5. Welcome to the WIPpeteers! Glad you joined us. :-)

    Jane’s frustration just oozes off the screen. Very intrigued by the ‘we tried things your way line’ and what a fabulous idea a sex-shifting alien!

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