Condoms! Condoms! Condoms!

I feel as though I need to jump on the bandwagon with this one. While yes, I mostly write lesbian fiction for publishing, I do write quite a bit of het fanfiction (actually, the majority of it). Now…I’ve been bad. The high majority of the time, my male characters do not wear a condom.

Now, that doesn’t happen all the time, but it happens a lot of the time. I think it really goes with what is happening. All of the characters (at least the majority of the time) are in monogamous relationships–or at least working toward one. I have read many places that when writing sex scenes always use the sleeping bag.

I really should write condoms in more, which is something I will continue to do in my fanfiction writing (and original when I actually get around to writing a het original).

Condoms are sexy. There is no reason why one shouldn’t use them when having sex (in writing and in real life). We are not a society that really promotes or advocates for abstinence until marriage anymore. I think it’s been accepted that it doesn’t really happen.

Condoms are sexy. Red, blue, black, white, purple, green, yellow, flavored, lubed–they’re all fantastically sexy.

Amy writes that she has a condom kink (she also has a consent kink–which should include consent for both parties, not just the woman, just saying). Maybe I should have a condom kink…a fetish with condoms. Perhaps I’ll work toward that, toward making sure that a condom is always present unless the circumstances don’t require it (aka my new novel where the goal is to get pregnant).

Women need to ask for condoms and come prepared with them just as much as any man does. Protect the vag, ladies. You can bring the protection! Don’t play damsel in distress, hoping the knight in shining armor has one stashed somewhere.

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6 thoughts on “Condoms! Condoms! Condoms!

  1. My next erotic fiction project (The Bucket List 3) features a consenting g@ng b@ng and I’m torn whether or not to feature the little latex fellers. Condoms might well be sexy during the build up to coitus but is the image of one being withdrawn, its end dangling and full of the white stuff really that sexy? How do you make the aftermath sexy short of simply not mentioning it at all?

    • Lol well I wouldn’t describe it like that. Probably “he got up and went to the bathroom, disposing of the condom and cleaning himself.” I’ve seen people write in the aftermath and make it sexy.

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