Life of a writer…

I spent the morning buried in my edits, trying to block out that real life was about to come crashing down on me.

I had a job interview.

Slaving away in a world of characters where there are no job interviews, I gladly ignored my impending interview. That was until I had to get dressed. I’m incredibly shy. Most people in the internet world don’t know that about me, but I am incredibly shy. This interview was set up last Friday and the interviewer told me that I had “not” interviewed well compared to the other candidates, but that he still wanted me to come interview.

Well, I thought going was a complete waste of my time but I went. I interviewed. He told me I didn’t interview well because I was so quiet on the phone.

Well HELLO! I’M SHY! This is part of why I write. I don’t have to talk to anyone for days on end, I can sit at my computer and live in worlds that have slight differences than mine and with characters I want to be best friends with. Too bad I can’t just live in them forever. I do need an actual income to eat, who knew!?

Either way, I have a second interview for today, that is in one point five hours! Hopefully it will go a bit better.

second woe for today

My keyboard isn’t working too well, which is far more of a travesty than being shy and needing a job. For months, if not just over a year, I’ve struggled with my “5” and a few of the other keys not working properly. But recently it’s traveled downward on the keyboard and my “h” “f” and “b” are not working, but the worst is the “G”….*sigh* I use the “g” a lot… *get your mind OUT of the gutter*

I went to contact the computer peeps, since it’s under extended warranty–their system is broken. sad panda. must live with the broken keyboard just a bit longer.

Yes, I know this blog post was ranty. Also, please forgive anything that is missin a “5” or a “g”

Tell me what you think. I wanna know!

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