I had an ex. OMG, I know. I had an ex. Anyway, my ex used to complain about never writing even though it was a favorite hobby and we both loved to do it together. This particular ex, used to say that she could only write when inspiration hit her on the head.

My typical response was always, “Inspiration will never come without an invitation to the party.”

I do still stand by this. Many aspiring writers talk about inspiration and waiting for it to come, or never being able to write without it. Well, I’ve got some news for you (if you’re one of those people), it doesn’t ever come when expected, but you can still do good work without it. It’s just a tad bit harder to get those words onto the page.

Writing is all about work. Hell, if I got paid hourly for the time I put into a novel, I would be so fucking rich right now, it’s not even funny. In order to write, and to write and complete something, one has to actually do it. My advice to aspiring writers who always as how I do it, is that I write every day. I might not write 12k words or even 1k words in a day, but I do write something. Whether it’s a blog post, a facebook status that is amusing, a tweet I find funny, or changing words around in an edit. I am constantly thinking and doing writing. This is the most important advice to me. This is the invitation for inspiration to come and take a hold of my hands and dance away like it’s 1923 and we’re at a speakeasy.

Wow, did I get carried away for a second.

So, go write. Specially, go write that invitation to inspiration and tell them that you’re throwing a party in its honor. I bet it’ll show up sooner or later. Inspiration isn’t one to miss opportunities.


8 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Me too. :D
    I have a couple of exes that I still bump into from time to time. When they ask what I’m doing these days I tell them ‘writing’. Their response, to a man is ‘You’re STILL doing that?’
    Yeah, smartass. And now I’m published…

    • lol well, I doubt I will ever run into this particular ex again. However, I can also say…yeah, smartass, and now I’m published…Most of my exes I do not bump into, luckily. The advantage to moving around the country so much I suppose.

      • Lol I don’t think I’ve ever lived longer than six years in one place. I know I hit year six and go “okay…where to next?” I envy you writing erotica. It’s crossed my mind to write a bit of it. Sadly, ill need to be a bit further away from my career to try that one.

      • Adrian
        It can be an issue for some employers – I am on my third job and am very guarded about what I write. First job lost because of erotic daydreaming, Second because someonetold my boss that I was penning kinky stuff. Nightmare. I should write some ‘legitimate’ stuff just to throw them off-track. :D

      • Well everything I have is under a pen name but yeah. I would certainly lose my job if anyone caught wind of that. I would have a new pen name and have to start all over again for the erotica. Maybe once I retire! Bahaha =P

      • There’s a huge appetite for erotic fiction out there – maybe writing it would help you to retire! It’s early days for me, but it’s going well. Got more work than I can handle!

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