In the Line & Conspiracy to Commit

I finished two chapters today (one is short, I swear I'm not THAT insane). I am, however, working on chapter 11. There are 15 total currently, but I might drop one. We'll see. The first chapter (aka ch 9) has some really important stuff in it. And ch 10 tells a bit more background for … Continue reading In the Line & Conspiracy to Commit

Grammar Wednesday: COMMA–sequence of events/lists

Welcome! Guess what?! This is the last week on commas! Oh my! Unless someone really doesn't understand one of the rules or I feel there needs to be a reprise. We're done! (Yes, why I do believe I overused my exclamation quota for the day.) Sequences of events and lists are very similar in nature. … Continue reading Grammar Wednesday: COMMA–sequence of events/lists

Grammar Wednesday: COMMA–direct salutation

Direct salutations occur mainly in dialogue when one character is calling another by a specific name. Now, this can be the name of the character or a nickname. Either way, it is considered a direct salutation. I will also tag on identifying characters in this. The commas go on either side of the name. When … Continue reading Grammar Wednesday: COMMA–direct salutation