On romance in a not romance novel….

Okay peoples! Sirena wrote this in a blog post, and I feel the need to reiterate the fact that NOT EVERY NOVEL HAS TO BE ROMANCE! and that NOT EVERY NOVEL IS A ROMANCE NOVEL.

I have some wonderful beta’s right now. Before I got them, I had to send my chapters through “transit.” Basically, I don’t know who will be getting my piece to beta and who will not. In the novel, FOR BY GRACE, there is romance but it is NOT a romance novel, by any means. There was one chapter I got back where all my beta’s said was, “Oh, well the action is great, but we don’t care so much about that. We want to see the relationship and interactions between Grace and [REDACTED] because it’s what the story is about.”

I really wish they could have seen the look I gave the computer screen. This girl was not a happy camper. That is not the point of my novel.

While there is no sex, currently, in said novel–I don’t think their relationship has developed enough to get to that point yet–there is romance. They hold hands, they get flutters in their belly. But it is NOT the point of the novel. The novel is about a Sheriff’s Deputy who works hard to keep her cool in the face of the negative events she is sent to on a daily basis and who suffers through great loss.

Read Sirena’s post: she’ll say much the same.

Sirena N. Robinson: On romance in a not romance novel…..

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