So, selling books is awesome! But… I sold a book to someone I don’t know and that is way cooler! While the support from my friends and family is wonderful, to actually sell the book more people need to buy it than just them. And it’s happening!!!

So go buy on amazon or B&N.

Amazon kindle

And thank you to whoever lives in Cali!!


2 thoughts on “Sales!

  1. Does the map represent only physical books sold? I may buy a physical book to donate to Chely Wright’s LBGT center in Kansas City eventually.

    • At the moment, the map only represents the physical copies. Next week the ebook copies will be on there. My ebook was released about a month after the print copies, so that was on Friday. The map is only updated every week on Fridays.

      That would be totally awesome if you did donate a copy btw. =D it would make me uber happy.

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