Devil’s Advocate

Wrote about 8k words today! My original goal was 5k and I upped it to 10k. I’m satisfied and taking the rest of the night off.

This project is turning out to be amazing! I’m so excited for it! In 2,000 more words, I’ll be a quarter of the way through my original plot (always subject to change). I think you guys are going to love it!


2 thoughts on “Devil’s Advocate

    • Lol the most I’ve done in one day was about 17.5k words. That was starting around 8 am and finishing close to midnight with little breaks. Oh and lots of wrist pain! I hit enough yesterday to make up what I missed in my goals for the last three days and to get me ahead for today (since I won’t be writing today).

      It’s awesomely fun!!


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