My goal in 2013 is to read more books for pleasure.  Last year I read exactly two books for pleasure. Actually, now that I think about it, it might have only been one book.  It’s not that I don’t read! Please don’t think that I do not read.  I read almost every day (and not just my emails).  I’m a full-time student in humanities.  That means I average a novel’s worth of reading a week, not including papers.

In total, I guess I’d read about 30-40 books last year.  Yet, only one was for pleasure.

That book was Geonn Cannon’s Riley Parra: Season One. Geonn is not only an inspiration, he’s a total stand up guy. Oh! And the book is amazing!

This year, however, I want to read more! I’m achieved that already. Here’s what I’ve done!

  • “Personal Adventures” By: Sidney Bristol–This book was a quick romantic read. I wish there had been a bit more depth and time lapse for their relationship, but over all the characters were well-developed and the plot-line kept.  It was a good read for late nights, but not if one expected actual sleep.  I had to force myself to put it down.  As always, if I am left wanting more, the book was excellent.  4 stars
  • “O Christmas Three” By: Suzan Butler–An erotic read! This novel started with a bang and kept on chugging along.  The three characters experienced a wide range of emotions that dragged the reader along with them.  I wish there had been more to the novel as it was just that good. 5 stars

  • “A Brewing Storm” By: Richard Castle–The first in the Derrick Storm series and I’m still left with no idea as to who Derrick Storm is.  The plot moved quickly and kept a fast pace, but I was left with no bearing on who the main character was.  All I know is that he’s egotistical when it comes to women, which is not a good quality to want in someone is potentially saving lives.  There was no character development.  He seemed flat and boring.  I’m not sure if I’ll buy another Derrick Storm novel.  1 stars

  • “Underdogs” By: Geonn Cannon–Geonn writes woman like no other man! I love it. However, compared to Riley Parra, this novel was lacking.  While both the love interests are well-rounded and developed the plot and overall themes seemed to not be as complicated as I was expecting. Now, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t good. This was still a great read that I couldn’t put down.  I just wish there had been more complications in everything that was happening.  4 stars

I’ll definitely keep you updated and posted on what I read (at least for pleasure, since I doubt you’ll have much interest in what I’m reading for school).  I’ll write up short reviews: here, amazon and goodreads.  That way you can pick and choose what you want to read.

Also, write your own reviews! If you liked a book, if you didn’t like it! And say why.  We as readers need more opinions about that, and well constructed ones.  We need to know what other readers think about a work.  We as writers also need the reviews, so we know that our work is being appreciated (in my case only give me good reviews =P bahahaha! no, really, if you have something bad to say about my book, say it.  Just be kind and constructive and not demeaning or demoralizing).



Tell me what you think. I wanna know!

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